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Edu and IT Company in one Tutoring Services, LLC

Academic Tutoring + Cyber Security + IoT + Networking + HVAC + Amazon Selling+ Marketing+Project Management+ Accounting + Law + Nursing + Teacher Prep and even Breakdancing

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What students/parents will find here? 

You will find a way to get in touch with your tutor, We can help you pick one, or we can help you study on your own. This is a great site for CT Parents/Students.  Plus you can actually talk to an agent by calling from the phone number and telling us what type of tutor you need and we can help you find one based on your budget or suggest alternative recommendation.  No other company does that in entire CT NY or NJ.


Contact us today before other parents will competition is stiff in Fairfield County CT between Parents


  • So what are you waiting for, call us and ask us to help you get matched with the tutor? 
  • Note do not expect to be matched in 1 day or 2 days, we only work with few customers at a time. 
  • Also if you call and don't get a real person, leave a voice message. 
  • Not leaving a voice message will 100% guarantee you no service help, this is due to the fact that we have a huge demand from CT parents who are interested in our high-quality match making services. 
  • We separate serious request from a non serious request by literally looking at voice mails that you leave when you call us. 

Private Home Tutoring Lessons | Books and Study Guides in Fairfield CT and Westchester County NY  

     Need math or science experts to handle your child’s academic needs? You have certainly come to the right place. Our Tutoring Services Company in CT is excellent in providing the quality supplemental education that every student needs. Hiring a chemistry or math or science or English tutor may be an additional expense, but it is worth every penny you spend.       

         Our company offers academic study test prep, at home or online for elementary, middle, high school k-12 and college grade level students.  We also make education affordable letting students save money on college books and helping students chose best academic study guides for their midterm or final directly from our site. 

Areas that we offer our services in is Westchester County, New Haven County and near by cities, including Milford, Trumbull, Bridgeport, Darien, Greenwich, Stamford, New Canaan, Stratford, Norwalk, Westport, Weston, New Haven and other cities.

 Also check out this link to see why it's a good idea to hire local tutoring agency rather than try to save money and deal directly with tutors who are not agency managed!



Areas our Instructors Service Fairfield County CT




Areas our teacher's service in Westchester County NY




Areas our tutors service in New Haven County CT



Our Tutoring Services are tailored to the following audience

    • k-12, elementary, middle school, high school students
    • College/Universities or Training Center Students
    • Educators, Professors, Instructors
    • Adults


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Subjects that our instructors can help with include


    • MathAlgebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus, Statistics and others
    • Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Social Science and others

    • Military Test Prep ASVAB exam
    • GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, CPA, NCLEX and others such as PMP
    • Praxis 2, Praxis 1, ParaPro, NYSTCE and(menu on the right shows subjects. If you don't see your subject call us and we would be happy to help you get matched with the subject that you need help with!)
    • We also help students prepare for GED 
    • As well as Other Academic Subjects


What other non academic subjects can our tutors teach?

Engineering, Electronics Sensor Based Networking and IoT (Internet of Things) Tutoring

  • Are you intrigued by interactive hardware?
  • Have you ever wanted to create robots?
  • Or create your own smart home gadgets to track all sort of things?
  • Have you ever wondered how it all works?


If you answered yes, congratulations Tutoring Services, LLC has the answer for you.  Our private IoT & Electronic home tutors provide training for CT students who are interested in developing their electronic skill sets making the process of learning fun and productive directly in your home or online.

Our instructors can train you directly in variety types of topics helping you understand meaning of capacitance, resistance, continuity, voltage, amperage and other science functions by leveraging real practical hands on experience. 

The cool part about our tutors is that they are not just some random tutors, but rather subject matter experts or even our own child's company DBA Binary Fusion math + IoT interns, who are either working with our company as DBA Binary Fusion on electronic innovative projects, or other type of tutors who are either electronic + IoT + WIFI + Cloud enthusiasts or any other type of subject matter experts with engineering background.

Our tutors teach IoT and Electronics based on real world examples


Since Tutoring Services, LLC is the parent company of DBA Binary Fusion, we felt that the process of teaching concepts of electronics and teaching students how to create their own devices by infusing real world examples from our DBA Binary Fusion company into the student's brains based on our own projects can bring unprecedented spark of knowledge to Fairfield County students who truly are interested in taking their education progress to the next level.

For more info visit our IoT tutoring section.

Benefits about Electronics and IoT Tutoring Services for Students and How Tutoring Works

What we are not.

  • We are not just some online course (although we offer online courses as well visit our page)
  • We are not a university
  • We are not a college

What we are

  1. We are a community of local Fairfield County tutors binded by the mutually created trust. (for what trust means visit our social media site)
  2. We have multiple methods for gaining that trust (at the end it all comes down to enrolling into our system only tutors who bring productive contribution to the society across multiple skill levels or subjects and contribute to their professional development, our company and Fairfield County students...)
  3. Each tutor found on our site can be viewed directly from his/her tutoring profile (you can find IoT tutor profiles here).  Students can select how many hours they want to buy from a tutor and request a discount package, the more hours students buy the more money they save.  Each tutor offers their own discount packages. 
  4. Additionally some of our tutors who want to differentiate themselves from others and get more students... post video tutorials of themselves in their tutoring profiles showing their IoT and Electronic practical skills. 
  5. Students can view tutor's profile, view hourly rate, qualifications info, whether tutor has background check or not and view tutor's skills by viewing tutorials tutor created all in one spot.  After reviewing each tutor profile student can talk to the agent in real time for that particular tutor and get matched. 
  6. Some tutors even create practice tests directly in their tutoring profiles.  Where students can take the test to see how good they are in their expertise and if they fail the test or didn't do well, students can get help from the very same tutor online or locally at flexible scheduled hours mutually agreed upon between Student and the Tutor.

How can our private home instructors help k-12 Students?

We can :

  1. Give students individualized attention
  2. Help students get better school grades
  3. Help students with homework
  4. Help students prepare for exam or finals
  5. Help students be more confident.

Our CT Tutoring Services are reliable and we provide the 1st one-hour lesson with our No Risk First Lesson Trial Guarantee.


If you are not satisfied with your first one hour of tutoring for whatever reason – that hour is free.  Our tutors agree to that as part of the terms and conditions when they sign up with us as agency managed tutor.


Local Math and Algebra Home Tutoring Services for Fairfield County CT residents


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Our instructors provide math tutoring services for Fairfield County, CT for elementary, middle, high school students.  Here are some of the math top


Here are some of the math topics that we cover:



To help your son or daughter learn these concepts click here

Math Pricing is based on qualification and educational experience of the tutor         

Math Pricing is based on qualification and educational experience of the tutor that we match you to.  Parents can also ask us for help with matchmaking them with the proper math tutor based on their budget.    We have local math tutors in Westchester and Fairfield County.  Check our Algebra tutoring page to see our algebra math tutors.

         We also have traditional and hybrid math tutors. Traditional tutors are those who have book and pencil and paper and a calculator. Hybrid tutors are equipped with Microsoft Surface Tablet PC with access to our proprietary mathematical tools integrated by our company Tutoring Services, LLC.

These specific tools help students learn math more efficiently.  Hybrid tutoring can combine face to face interaction with the convenience of online sessions.  This combines the power of focused training with the flexibility of any schedule need.  To view more about hybrid math tutors visit our Hybrid Math Tutoring sister site in Westchester County.

Can't afford a local math tutor? Why not try online?

We also have online math tutors who can provide online math tutoring services for the state of CT and NY residents 

       If local tutor is too expensive we have online math tutors as well!  We also help colleges/universities integrate math tools with video conferencing collaboration. Our Tutoring Services, LLC / DBA Binary Fusion division can help big companies integrate math tools, check out our whiteboard video conferencing integration consulting services.


  College Reading and Writing Essay Help for Fairfield County Residents



To get matched with college essay tutor click here 


Trying to get into college? 

Need college admission help? Someone who can help your son or daughter with the college essay submission paper?  Rest assured our experts can help with your essay paper and college entrance advice and consulting process. 

Our college essay experts helped numerous students in the past to enter top graduating colleges.  Essay Writing is a rigorous process and requires right set of tools to tackle an essay and the right mindset.  Let us help you get matched with the type of tutor who can help you achieve that mindset.


About our Academic Tutoring Services & non Academic Services

TutoringServicesLLC combines schools study guides homework help and books with tutors in various fields


To get matched with any of the following industry tutors click here


Our company has been around since 2008 and specializes in academic test prep, home and online tutoring match making for K-12 (elementary, middle school and high school grade level) students ranging and beyond. We provide college and graduate level as well as adult tutoring and training.  

Entire network was created by educational advocate former math teacher for the state of CT,leading the state of CT as the top state in USA in the field of educational advocacy affordable education high-quality education, and going GREEN initiatives.

Our goal is to make education affordable for Fairfield County CT and New Haven County residents as well as for Westchester and Bergen County area students (we cover 4 counties in 3 states CT, NY and NJ and recently introduced 5th county Manhattan NYC).

We help students save money on college textbooks, as well as helping students find the correct, highly rated school. We offer opportunities for students to review school and teacher / professor ratings prior to enrollment. We also help students to choose from the best collection of academic study guides.

Areas, where we offer our services, include Fairfield County: covering the cities and towns of  Westport, Darien, GreenwichNorwalk, Bridgeport, Danbury, Milford, Trumbull, Newtown, Weston, New Canaan, and Stamford. Westchester County NY: covering cities and towns of Scarsdale, RyeWhite PlainsNew Rochelle, Mount Vernon, Yonkers, Peekskill, Mount Kisco, Sleepy Hollow, Bedford and Bedford Village, Chappaqua and more! We also cover New Haven County.

Our Instructors provide Tutoring Services for any of the k-12 students attending the following Fairfield County schools


  • Academy of Information Technology and Engineering
  • Alternative Center for Excellence


  • Bassick High School
  • Bethel High School (Connecticut)
  • Bridgeport International Academy
  • Brien McMahon High School
  • Brookfield High School (Connecticut)
  • Bullard-Havens Technical High School


  • Carmel Academy
  • Center for Global Studies at Brien McMahon High School
  • Center School (Connecticut)
  • Central High School (Connecticut)
  • Christian Heritage School (Connecticut)
  • Connecticut Friends School
  • Convent of the Sacred Heart (Connecticut)


  • Danbury High School
  • Darien High School
  • Daycroft School


  • Fairfield College Preparatory School
  • Fairfield Country Day School
  • Fairfield Ludlowe High School
  • Fairfield Warde High School
  • Frank Scott Bunnell High School


  • Glenville School (Greenwich, Connecticut)
  • Greens Farms Academy
  • Greens Farms School


  • Henry Abbott Technical High School
  • Hindley School


  • Immaculate High School


  • J. M. Wright Technical High School
  • Joel Barlow High School


  • King Low Heywood Thomas
  • Kolbe Cathedral High School


  • Maplewood School
  • Masuk High School
  • Middlesex Middle School


  • New Canaan Country School
  • New Canaan High School
  • New Fairfield High School
  • Newtown High School (Connecticut)
  • Norwalk High School (Connecticut)
  • Notre Dame Catholic High School (Connecticut)


  • Pear Tree Point School


  • Richard C. Briggs High School
  • Ridgefield High School (Connecticut)


  • Sacred Heart Academy (Stamford, Connecticut)
  • St. Joseph High School (Connecticut)
  • St. Luke's School (Connecticut)
  • Sandy Hook Elementary School
  • Shelton High School (Connecticut)
  • Shelton Intermediate School
  • Shelton Public Schools
  • Stamford High School (Stamford, Connecticut)
  • Staples High School (Connecticut)
  • Stratford High School (Connecticut)


  • Tomlinson Middle School
  • Trinity Catholic High School (Connecticut)
  • Trumbull High School


  • Unquowa School


  • Warren Harding High School
  • Westhill High School (Connecticut)
  • Weston High School (Connecticut)
  • Whitby School
  • Wilton High School
  • Winston Preparatory School
  • Wooster School


Our instructors also provide tutoring services in Fairfield County for any student attending the following colleges and universities.



  • Ancell School of Business


  • University of Bridgeport


  • Fairfield University
  • Fairfield University College of Arts and Sciences


  • Housatonic Community College


  • Norwalk Community College


  • Sacred Heart University


  • University of Connecticut School of Business


  • Western Connecticut State University

Is your child attending any of the above-mentioned schools above in Fairfield County CT?

Find out reviews and ratings of CT schools, colleges/universities/teachers


Academic Subject Study Help for Science Math and English in New Haven | Westport | Norwalk

       Have you ever wondered how professional teaching can help math and science students succeed? First and foremost, are educators are composed of several professional teachers and mentors who are dedicated to working with students at different age levels. They specialize elementary reading and writing tutoring, middle school science, high school math and even College Chemistry.

So you don’t have to worry since our team of subject matter experts is capable of helping you or your childe with educational struggles.

Our certified teachers and subject matter tutors in Fairfield County CT will provide you all the information you need in every subject such as English, math, science, history, and even the complicated college subjects. So whether you are looking for AP English, Mathematics, General Science, Honors Biology or Organic Chemistry we have numerous tutors to choose from all at a very good price.

Homework Help and Test Prep for Students k-12  in Trumbull | Stratford | Milford and other CT towns

         If you or your son or daughter is in need of homework help, all you have to do is hire professional subject matter expert in Fairfield city or County and student's knowledge and skills will certainly be tested and enhanced. Homework assistance is not the only things our instructors and teacher teachers can help with.

Whenever you will have to prepare for future examinations, mid term or final exam, our academic subject matter experts are there to assist you and help you prepare with the best study guides material and textbooks

Educator Professionals and other college or university students may also hire a tutor in Fairfield, CT to help them prepare for future teaching certification examinations such as the Praxis 1, Praxis 2, GRE, GMAT  and the SAT examinations. 

Other exams that we also help students with include, MTEL, CSET, To Reserver your Tutor click here, and NY-based exams.  We also help students with Geometry Regents test prep and state tests.

Trying to study for ASVAB Military exam for Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard?


Our company helps students prepare for ASVAB exam, there are many test sections on the exam and not every tutor can teach all of the sections, our company helps students by finding them the right type of tutor, who can help students tackle their test. 

Find out how to prepare for your exam with confidence, and increase your ASVAB score, check our local tutors, study tips, recommendations, study guides and more.


Prepare for your Class with Tutors servicing Stamford | Greenwich | Darien and Fairfield County CT


          You will certainly not regret when you hire one of our professional academic tutors servicing Fairfield County cities of  Darien, Greenwich-Stamford or entire CT and NY. 

Parents who think that their children are struggling in class, you definitely need to contact us to set your child on the right track. Once you ask one of our professional educators to assist your son or daughter, our home tutors will do their best, exert all their effort, and will make sure that your child achieves academic success and get better grades.

You will not have to worry about your child’s future if you have private instructors around guiding every single step of your son or daughter's academic progress. They guarantee that your child will be in good hands. The tutoring they offer will indeed sharpen your child’s mind and this may help them practice their hidden skills and abilities and do better in their school and classes. 

Browse academic subject of your choice on the right-hand side to view profiles of our educators, view recommended study guides and additional subject information about specific tutors. 

Or contact us directly by the phone number on the top right corner to speak with the customer service representative or email us with your request at or by texting from bottom right corner messaging window.

Safety Tips for Parents when Hiring a Tutor in Fairfield County CT




Safety Note:  Anytime you see domain name of another tutoring company with .org, .net or dash (-) in between, always, always, always check reviews and double verify with other parents in Fairfield County CT if what the company offers is legit.  There are many sites out there that simply do not offer what they say do. 

If you are concerned and not sure which tutor to hire, simply contact us and talk to the real person on the phone, who can provide you with multiple learning options and don't lock you into any contracts or price gimmicks (unless of course subject for which tutoring takes place requires contractual agreement). 

Trust the company with official name and reputation. We have created RateMySchool.NET (site still in development so many bugs still present) site in there you can check reviews of schools, agencies, and even teachers, professors.  

Summary of Safety Tips for Parents in Fairfield County, (Checklist Written by Security Expert)

  1. Verify that phone number is always local i.e area code is (203)
  2. Verify company has a reputable name and been in business for a long time.
  3. Review RateMySchool.NET ratings of training center or an agency
  4. Ensure company has plenty of other sites it's affiliated with or owns, not just a single site (if you see one site chances are it's a single owner and majority of the time single owners may not be able to provide flexibility that you may be looking for)
  5. Ensure that company doesn't just refer people but seriously pre-screens them.  If you don't see that do not engage, our proprietary helps Tutoring Services, LLC pre-screens tutors.
  6. Ensure site has social media presence example
  7. Ensure company has reputable name example
  8. Ensure company offers ways for parents to view videos and pictures of their tutors.
  9. If you see a site where there is a single owner ensure that owner provides references and videos of his/her services. Tutoring Services, LLC offers our tutors to post tutorials and practice tests demonstrating their subject level of expertise in front of parents/students/guardians.  View example at
  10. If you see someone claiming they are owner of the site and asks for tutoring services to take place in their home, do not engage unless it's either official learning center (which is still dubious in some cases) or you are 100% sure aware of who you are buying services from and been there your self personally.
  11. If you are not sure which tutor to get or what options are available that are best for your son or daughter, do not just contact random agency contact the Tutoring Agency that focuses on both test prep, match making and alternative methods of study rather then locking your self into only tutoring. 
  12. Always check to see if the company allows you to meet with tutor face to face over video conferencing whiteboard, before match making takes place, and before you buy tutoring discount packages.
  13. Always check if the company has tutors who offer tutoring discount packages, if tutors do not provide discount tutoring packages then chances are you do not need to work with such agency since it won't be affordable.
  14. Always check if the company allows students/parents to suggest their own price from the list of tutors.
  15. Always check if the company provides customized match making based on student's budget.


Science Chemistry, Biology, and Physics does not have to be hard! Our subject matter servicing Fairfield County and cities of Westport, Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan, Danbury and other cities of CT can help.

Tutoring Services


      Does your son or daughter struggle in school or want to get ahead of other school students in math, English and Science Academic subjects or prepare for standardized high school entrance test or college?

We got you covered! Our private home tutors in New York and Connecticut can come directly to your home and help you with your academic subject. Our private home tutors specialize in elementary reading and writing, middle school science, high school math and even College organic and inorganic Chemistry.

We have math, chemistry, physics, and biology subject matter experts who are capable of helping you or your child get ahead in school and tackle difficult math questions and science problems and not be afraid of complex mathematics questions, scientific formulas or complex concepts. With the right teacher by your desk it’s easy to understand even the most complex topics.

Don’t wait for your son or daughter gets a bad grade and calls us from the top number above on the right-hand side of this page, and we will help you find the right match.  Our instructors help students get better grades, our instructors provide tutoring services for cities of Westport, Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan, Danbury and other Fairfield County cities



 Other things that differentiate us from our competitors are as follows.

  1. We allow our tutors to meet face to face with the student's parent/guardian before match happens, Parents can meet tutors directly over Tablet PC, IPAD, or Microsoft, or PC with the cam.
  2. Parents can suggest their own hourly rate for specific tutors, check us for example how to suggest your price features works for our breakdancing instructors.  This concept of suggesting your price is applicable to any subject, meaning parents can suggest your price if the price they see is not affordable to them or they do not like it.
  3. We specialize in mathematics tutoring local and online our page is providing best online or local mathematical tutoring options in NY and CT ranging from online math tutors, hybrid local math tutors, to traditionally based math tutors to Fairfield, Westchester, and New Haven County residents.
  4. We create our own Praxis 2 study guides for Biology exams helping educators become certified teachers. Take a look at one
  5. We provide FREE workshops for college students taking Biology CLEP exam
  6. We provide Local and Online Tutoring.
  7. We are not only matchmaking company, but also have another model of tutoring business operated under, where students do not even have to work through the agency based CallMyTutor model, and instead can find tutors on their own and get matched on their own, no agency recurring commission fee is applied in this model, there is a $15 fee on this site to exchange personal contact info with the tutor. In exchange for that $15 tutor agrees to provide a first free 1-hour lesson.  Not bad of a bargain considering that no recurring agency fee is ever applied from every hour.   

       However downside is tutors are not rigorously pre-screened on as they are with Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor agency and no quality match is provided in this model, no phone support, no discount packages from tutors, no method to suggest your price to multiple tutors, no way to meet with tutor face to face etc... etc.. etc.. 

Hence we think it's better to work through the agency Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor rather than attempting finding tutor on your own on any other site, however since parents of Fairfield County asked for it we created best options,   With Agency based model we ensure tutors are legit, and who shows up at your home is a reliable subject matter expert.

Our Instructors provide Individualized Attention for k-12 Students and Adults


        Academic Tutoring is tailored towards your child's needs.  Our private home tutors in Fairfield County area provides your child with the best academic test prep and tutoring services, directly at your house.  No need to go to someone's learning center and waste time traveling.Individualized attention is the way to go when preparing for an academic subject, in comparison to any other methods such as sending your kids to the learning center, since it allows the tutor to provide instructions solely focused around student's needs.


Top 5 mistakes parents make when hiring tutor without the help of an agency and thinking they can save more money when in reality, the outcomes is not as it seems.


Reason 0:  Take a look at this video.  This is the reason why you may want to hire an agency, to help you get matched with the tutor, as oppose to trying to save a few bucks, and at the end only end up putting your son or daughter in danger.

What you see above is the reason why Fairfield County parents need to work with the agency vs going direct.


What you see above is just an example of a video pulled form Youtube.  It's referenced here, just to help Parents of Fairfield County make their decision when hiring local tutors, whether they should hire a tutor with the help of an agency or without the help of an agency.

 As well as clarify to many parents why having the middle man is least riskiest option in comparison to hiring independent tutors who are not managed by the agency, and that looking at the agency as someone who is only trying to make money from not doing anything behind the scenes, can result your son or daughter much greater harm, as oppose to simply saying "Yes I would rather get a tutor with the help of a tutor managed agency" to minimize my chances of something like what you see in this video happening to my son or daughter. 


If you have watched the video above, you will probably realize, one simple concept.  Predators exist, and they also exist not only in Fairfield County CT, but in every other county.  Leveraging our tutor matchmaking agency to help you minimize your chances of getting someone you would not want knocking in your front door for your son's or daughter's tutoring lesson, is essentially one of the main reasons why our agency still exist today. 

Therefore, remember one simple concept, if you think you are saving money by going with independent tutors who are not managed by agency, remember the risk factors, and remember that independent tutors that are not managed by the agency, are not verified rigorously by the agency for background checks, education, interview verification, that we conduct for every one of our tutors who we enroll. 

Hence is the reason why you don't see many tutors on our site, for one simple reason, when we find someone we want to make sure that this someone is as legit as possible, hence even dedicating a bit of time of contacting our agency well in advance of your tutoring lesson needs, can maximize our chances of helping you find someone legit, giving you peace of mind and making sure that the tutor you get is most certainly the right type of subject matter expert for your son's or daughter needs.  From the video above you can clearly see that the tutor was independent.

Do you know what independent tutor is?


That is the tutor who simply can exist on their own without any middle man in between (many students screamed for no middle man, and this is exactly what happens when there is no middle man to oversee tutors qualifications), yet if there is no middle man in between, then who is there exactly to verify tutor's credentials, background check... that all costs money, hence if there is no middle man in between this entire step is skipped, and even on the sites where it's not skipped, and where many sites show you 1000s of tutors, what really is happening behind the scenes is that you end up getting tutor who is simply not the right match. 

Yes tutor's profile may look great, but the tutor him/herself may simply not be good enough for your son or daughter.  Yet such sites still charge you a lot of money from every hour that such independent tutor teaches. 

So the question that you should be asking here, is... what on earth exactly are you paying commission agency for that is that huge in many tutoring agencies out there who have thousands of tutors on their page....? 

Note our company has both models, independent tutors model, who are not managed by the agency, and managed by agency based model, where we do manage our tutors (such as the site you are looking at here, and don't charge huge agency fees where our agency recurring fees are way smaller the other huge sites with thosands of tutors who they can't keep control of). 

Go with Agency if you want higher quality match and tutor

The least riskiest option is to hire an agency and go with tutor managed agency model, and  have the middle man verify for you background check of tutor, verify how adequate the tutor is, and if the tutor is a subject matter expert.  Of course, that will not 100% of the time indicate that the tutor is super legit, but it will minimize and reduce the risk of something like what you saw in the video happening to your son or daughter.

Our company helps with making sure that tutors that we match make with are in fact verified by our tutor agency managed based business system, amongst many other things, such as actually finding a tutor and using our specialized network of local tutoring sites and blog sites scattered all over Fairfield County New Haven county and Westchester county and even NJ Bergen County to attract tutors.    In fact take a look at our requirements of even trying to become a tutor, to see how serious we are about enrolling the right type of tutor.  In fact, many tutors don't even want to work with us for such strict requirements that we set

However, that is the reason why, we better be safe than sorry, when it comes to picking the right type of candidates.  Note our independent tutoring site is different from FairfieldTutor agency managed tutoring site, simple reason for that is, because we want to make education affordable and allow tutors to register on that site, however that doesn't mean that every tutor that is high quality or legit!

Meaning you must do your own checks and verify on your own legitimacy of the tutor, that means your own testimonials, your own educational background, resume, background checks, education verification, interview..... all that takes time... to do.... some parents simply don't want to do any of that and hire an agency instead.

Note in some cases our total tutoring hourly rate may even end up being cheaper than the actual independent tutor! That is due to the network of sites system that we created to control supply and demand ratio for tutor jobs and due to discount packages that tutors offer in their profile, (this concept was created by math teacher from the state of CT certified to teach at high school level and IT Network Consultant, making concept of tutoring education more affordable.) 

So what does it all mean? 


That means if you want to hire an independent tutor from our site, go for it if you think it will save you money, however, remember the risks, and do your own due diligence, and if you want to avoid headaches of doing it yourself and let us help you find a tutor, then contact us by that phone number.  Note if we don't have a tutor we can attempt to find you one, do not just automatically think we will have a tutor for you. 

If you think that way automatically, you can go to any other site and test your luck, just be sure to ask them what their agency fee first, and whether they do any verifications, and background checks and provide you peace of mind.  However, if you want quality match to contact us to help you find the right tutor.

Yes, you would pay a recurring agency fee but will have better peace of mind, and reducing your chances of what you see could have easily happened to your son or daughter.  This is a recommendation directly from me Rome Wells Founder of Tutoring Services, LLC, telling all Fairfield County Parents, to watch out and know your options before you hire a tutor. 

Here is some reasons for you to hire our tutors with the help of our agency (note i do not say hire our agency) you are hiring tutors, we are simply brokering tutors to you.

  1. The majority of Tutors live in the New York City and won’t travel to Westchester outskirts of NY or Fairfield County CT for low hourly rate unless they have a good reason to do so (especially if contacted by the parent directly). Our Agency specializes in Westchester and Fairfield County matchmaking and focuses on nearby NY/CT cities thereby giving reason for tutors to travel to cities like, Greenwich  CT, Wilton,Westport, Norwalk,Stamford,Darien and other cities, and matchmaking tutors with more than just one student, thereby giving incentive for Teachers and subject matter experts to travel to Fairfield and Westchester County while covering multiple clients and simultaneously offering lower hourly rate on tutoring sessions due to larger number of clients serviced.
  2. Our Tutors offer discount tutoring packages in Math, Science, Reading/Writing, SAT, TOEFL, ESL, making private lessons more affordable for parents. (In addition to already being more affordable due to the fact that we match make our teachers/subject matter experts with different clients in nearby Westchester/Fairfield County NY/CT area).
  3. We thoroughly review our candidates prior to hiring one, to ensure that we provide high-quality match, by reviewing, resume, references, qualifications getting tutor to register on our site, allowing parent to see multiple options online without having to search through multiple sites, or by simply contacting us and letting us help you over the phone! (As oppose to doing all that work yourself and spending countless of hours trying to find the right match)
  4. We are in Educational Vertical industry rather than horizontal (meaning our core area is education), making it even easier for Parents to save money on their educational expenses. We offer Tutors jobs not only in academic subject but in content development of academic subject Study Guides, something that other matchmaking companies don’t offer, giving, even more, the incentive for subject matter experts to work with us. (As oppose to other Agencies, who do nothing, but match make students with tutors, or plumbers with home owners and spread themselves out in multiple industries (without providing major incentives, such as positioning themselves in closely designed geographical local networks), thereby not offering high-quality matchmaking experience in a first place and only rising prices of tutoring rates higher than they really should be.)
  5. We don’t charge outrageous Tutoring agency fees and have no Registration Fees, and in fact offer NY/CT teachers, and instructors to also register as independent tutor on our sister site and make money tutoring as both independent tutor working for themselves and independent contractor working with Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor, giving Teachers maximum flexibility in earning money. (As opposed to simply locking tutors into a single business model system where they have, no choice but to work on outrageous tutoring agency commission fees for every hour tutored, and no option to enroll with any other agency.)
  6. We can help get matched with online and local tutors, not just local (we can work within your budget and if not provide alternative suggestions and recommendations)

Location of Services and Private Home Tutoring Prices in New York and Connecticut

       Our academic instructors can provide their tutoring services directly in student's home, local library, or Starbucks or online.  Our agency allows instructors declare their own hourly rate and therefore prices depend on the instructor who the student is purchasing tutoring sessions from.  Some of our instructors are certified teachers and others are categorized as subject matter experts

Hence Professors/College Students/Local College Instructors considered subject matter expert.  Anyone who is not certified to teach for the state of CT or NY is considered as not certified teacher type of subject matter expert.       

       Since we let market declare tutoring rate and provide flexibility for students and parents/guardians to compare instructor prices side by side, pricing of each instructor may provide level of affordability that is flexible for student's needs.  You can find detailed pricing for a specific instructor in their tutoring profile. To view approximate pricing in Fairfield and Westchester County visit our pricing page.



Our instructors offer affordable prices, ensure you review instructors' discount packages!


Ready to hire an agency save money buy buying tutor discount packages, click here to get started?


         To see prices simply browse subject (in the right menu of this page) of interest on our site, for example algebra, or English and if instructor is available and listed on our site, they would be shown in the corresponding subject where students can view their short profile, view prices, discount packages instructors offer where the more tutoring sessions you buy the more you save. 

       Make sure you read full tutor's profile info prior to making your decision.  You can always contact us by the phone number on the top right corner of this site where you can always discuss your needs with us and we can help you find local and affordable tutor within your budget, even if you do not see one on our site.

Many of our tutors provide great discounts where the more tutoring hours you buy the more money you save.  Here is example of the package from one of the tutors.

Ready to take advantages of discount packages start here


 Great part about our tutors is that they can create their own tutoring discount packages based on subject and grade level, helping Fairfield County Parents save money on tutoring expenses. 


Breakdancing Private Lessons for Fairfield County Residents and nearby counties


         Our company does not just specialize in Academic match making and test prep, but also deligates it's attention to match making breakdancing instructors with students in Fairfield County.  Our unique service is tailored towards k-12, college and even adults. 

We help parents/guardians and event organizers get matched with one of our breakdancing tutors who can come out directly to student's home in Fairfield County, Westchester County or New Haven County and simply teach student breakdancing private lesson directly at student's home. 

         Kewl thing about this service is that some of our instructors offer group rates, making lessons more affordable, great option for parents who simply would llike to save money and happen to know another student who breakdancer can teach.  For more details about our breakdancing lessons visit our Fairfield County Private Lessons in breakdancing section of this site. 

Some of our tutors can even teach both breakdancing and math! Helping your kids not only get motivated in learning math, but also learn some kewl breakdancing moves directly at your home or other designated area.


Example of approximate tutoring pricing for 1 of the breakdancing instructors.



Ready to reserve your breakdancing tutor for your event or private tutoring start here?


Breakdance Wedding Boar Party and Corporate Party Match Making services


Have a boat party?  Or perhaps a wedding or any other public event?  We can help your company get matched with the break dancer who can arrive to your boat party or public event and perform.  We can match make with 1 or multiple breakdancers. Find out more visit our breakdancing lessons and public events Arrangements section of this site.  Just like we can help parents get matched with the local breakdancer who can visit their son or daughter directly at any of the parent's CT or NY or NJ homes.  See how breakdancing match making works here.



Computer Training For Residents of Fairfield County CT and IT Network Consulting Services


Check out what type of IT Training we provide here in our Google plus page  


       If a student is trying to become Project Manager or Cisco Certified Network Expert or CISSP certified or simply trying to get some hands experience, or needs help in computer programming or want to learn computer skills then our company can help for everyday life then we can help.  We have subject matter experts in Fairfield County who can train students in PHP language, Java, C++, Ethical Hacking, Network Enginering, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment and anything related to IT Network Infrastructure.  



           Our IT Training program is designed to get students in the door, and help students prepare for their computer science subjects, or learn skills that no other tutoring can provide, we are partnered with IT Networking Field experts who can help students get hands on experience in IT Computer Networking.  We can help students prepare for major vendor certifications, and can help students get in the door of IT field.  We even offer internships to students who qualify our requirements to work on real IT Programming or Computer Networking Projects with real IT experts.

Find out how students get trained and placed into a job field, we offer the individual type of training lessons for students in the local area of CT and NY and NJ and class based in Manhattan NY. 


         We can help students get a boost in their Computer Subject study practices and have method of preparation that will earn them competitive edge over other students.  If you are interested in IT Training or if you are an Adult who needs IT computer help, or get their house interconnected wirelessly or simply looking to learn specific computer application in order to prepare for a job, we have the right subject matter experts who can help students gain competitive edge in their studies.


Computer Training for Adults Looking to enhance their skill set learn how to use the Internet or simply become more computer literate in Fairfield County CT

            Our company specializes not only in finding subject matter experts and helping students become subject matter experts but also offers Adult computer training to help adults prepare for a job interview

Want to learn how to use Microsoft Applications efficiently Excel, Word Power Point, Microsoft Project or any other computer program to help you run your business more efficiently or even if you simply need to prepare for job interview and need to brush up on applications that you simply not sure how to use, then we have the computer expert at your footsteps who can train you directly in Fairfield County CT, New Haven, Bergen NJ or even Westchester County NY. 

To get qualified subject matter expert to help you with your computer struggles, contact the phone number on the top right corner. Some of our tutors also offer digital IT marketing training for more info visit our marketing section of this site or scroll below.

      To view more info about our Computer Training options for adults and students visit here.  Additionally, to IT Training we offer IT Consulting, for small, medium business and enterprise companies specifically in Fairfield and  Westchester County New York.  Companies interested in our Best IT Solutions and Services click here. Our IT Services are ranging from computer programming, app development, project management, network design, and support.  


Marketing Tutoring Services for small and medium businesses in Fairfield County, Greenwich, Stamford, Westport, Wilton, Darien, Norwalk, Shelton, Trumbull and others

To reserve Marketing Tutor Check our Marketing page 


Residing in Fairfield County?  Happen to be a small or medium or large size business in CT NY or NJ 4 mentioned countries? Looking for a tutor who can help you learn how to market your company?  Have air conditioner repair business, or pool service repair or boat repair or whatever it is that your business specializes in or perhaps plumbing, or electrician business, or perhaps an accounting firm or a law firm or health related services or perhaps your business offers any specific home services or business services where your business revolves around traveling to either commercial or residential area in Fairfield, New Haven, Westchester or Bergen County?

If that's a yes... then why not get ahead of the game and get yourself a solid marketing tutor who can help you energize & synergize your business in the right direction and teach you how to market your business.  

We also offer marketing study guides that can help you open up informational highway to your brain and help you reach out to the clients and increase your business revenue. Find out more visit our marketing section of the site.  Additionally, we offer marketing services where we can utilize our network of counties sites to show your services in relevant sections of our sites across an entire network of Fairfield, Westchester, New Haven and Bergen County.


Prepare for School Year with Affordable College Textbooks at Bargain Price!


        Looking for affordable textbooks for the upcoming school year?  Attending College or University in Fairfield CT?  Possibly Sacred Heart, UCONN or the University of Bridgeport or some other nearby community college?  Why not take advantage of affordable College Textbooks by purchasing books directly from other students directly avoiding the middle man and saving money on expensive books?


        At Fairfield Tutoring we are not just all about matchmaking students with reliable teachers, but we are also about promoting affordable education, and helping environment stay green by creating a platform for College and University students to advertise their Academic College Textbooks free of charge on Campus or simply make money by selling their textbooks directly to other students and not worry about expensive shipping fees.

 Alternatively students can also sell their textbooks online and chose from a variety of bookstores to sell it to.  For students who can't afford to buy books, we provide the option for students to rent college textbooks and save even more money on educational expenses.  So what are you waiting for?  View our collection of Academic School Books Today.



Ready to Buy Books and sell books for dirt cheap price? Go here


Academic Books | Study Learning Guides |Online Tutors all from a single Website!

We are the only home tutoring company who doesn’t just help students with match making a student with the right tutor online or by phone, but also help students with finding a more affordable alternative method to home tutoring all from a single website!  We have created this service for Fairfield, Westchester and New Haven County area residents.

We help students find the right method of studying rather than simply relying on a private tutor to explain every single concept and detail. The way it works is simple, the student can browse our website and simply select the subject they are interested in and view Tutors, Books and study guides relevant to that subject from a single page.

We believe education should be affordable and therefore, we created flexibility for students to study not only with the help of a private home tutor, but also be able to study with the help of a study guide, or academic textbook for their school, college or university. Students can select local home tutor in Westchester County NY or nearby areas, sort by location, select most affordable subject matter expert or select online tutor. Students or Student Parents, therefore, can have multiple options to choose from.



For all other study guides and test, prep subjects visit here.

Ready to reserve your math, science, or social studies private tutoring lessons start here?

Private School Exam Test Prep and local tutors



Ready to get matched with ISEE, SSAT, tutor start here?

Is your child about to enter private school? 

How well is your child prepared for ISEE or SSAT exam?  If not well then perhaps your chances of having your child accepted into the private school of your choice are not that great.  Tutoring Services, LLC makes it easy for students prepare for ISEE & SSAT upper/middle/lower exams. 

With the help of the self-guided materials for ISEE and SSAT exams, it's easy to get ahead of other parents at your own time and your own pace and have your child's ISEE or SSAT score improve. 

Of course often studying on your own doesn't amount to the highest level of learning effectiveness as studying with the tutor who can teach your son or daughter math/English academic concepts, maximizing your child's chances of getting a higher score. Feel Free to check out our ISEE section of this site to see how Tutoring Services, LLC can help your child improve their score, for SSAT Exam info and test prep help and view our SSAT Upper-level math and English tutors click here.  

Placement Exams Practice Questions and answers & Tutors

         Already entered college/university?  Trying to get a better score in your placement exam? Why spend time in a class that you don't need to take, why not get ahead of other students in college who did not bother improving their placement score and graduate in less time?  Our company Tutoring Services, LLC offers ACCUPLACER test preparation help for CT students.  Feel Free to check out ACCUPLACER exam info, study guides, local tutors and our study tips all located in a single place easy for CT parents to browse through.


Accounting Exam Test Prep help



Ready to get matched with CPA accounting test prep, get started here?



If you are residing anywhere in Norwalk, Westport, Darien, Greenwich, Stamford, Trumbull, Stratford, Milford or any othe areas of New Haven, Fairfield or Westchester County area and happen to be preparing for CPA exam, then find out how you can increase your chances of getting passing score on your Accounting CPA exam, view local tutors, study Guides and other Accounting test prep materials.


School’s Admin and Department Head Teaching Job Placement Services for Schools

Does your High school math or science department need help in advertising teaching job or substitute teaching position somewhere around the area of Westchester County or nearby areas? If so we got you covered! Tutoring Services, LLC specializes not only in English, Math and Science homework help for students in grades k-12 and college and adult levels, but we also help School Administrators free of charge post teaching job advertisements! How do we do that?

We have collection of local tutoring sites all over Fairfield and Westchester as well as New Haven counties as well as social media sites such as,, and subject based sites such as ChemistTutors.NET and sites like and many other sites where with a minimum effort your Teaching Job Ad can be posted Free of Charge in a teaching job section similar to what you see in the RSS feed section of the teaching jobs sub-page of this site

       No other Tutoring Agency in CT would be willing to do anything like this FREE of Charge, but we can because we have a network of educational sites tailored specifically to target, educational niche sector where teachers, professors, students would be looking at.

We offer this teaching job placement service free of charge to School Department Heads! Simply contact us at the number above in the top right corner or email us at with your teaching job description and we will post it for you FREE of charge! This will help you increase your exposure; surely as a school administrator, there are other things you can do besides searching for places to post your job at! (Especially if your school is in Westchester County NY or Fairfield County CT)


School Admins! Increase your School | College | University or Training Center with School’s Ratings Site!

School admins can increase school’s exposure, increase school’s chances of admitting more students into their school and increase school’s overall reputation. How do we do that? We have created a website called RateMySchool.NET that allows school administrators, teachers and professors to sign up and get rated by other students, for students and parents to see school and professor/teacher ratings and being able to see reviews of other student’s and make decision whether that particular school is good for them to attend, or if they should even bother taking one teacher’s class as oppose to another

. School admins and department heads can simply register themselves and join school they like and post teaching job for other teachers registered in that school or specific department in NY or city or set of cities to see, plus advertise their school and improve school’ image. Additionally, teachers and professors can register and see other teacher’s ratings also, students can add teachers into specific school and join schools.

School Administrators can post teaching jobs directly in their school or in nearby area by city, state, county for separate paid fee, different from our overall Free Teaching Job offer for school administrators, but helpful for school administrators helping them increase school’s identity, reputation, be able to get notified when someone rates school received free school homework help folder print outs and be able to join schools. Visit RateMySchool.NET for more info.


Local and Online Test Prep for Teachers in the State of CT and NY

Teachers of NY test Prep program Yonkers-New Rochelle-Sleepy-Hollow-White-Plains-Scarsdale

Ready to get matched with ISEE, SSAT, tutor start here?


We specialize in study guide creation in Praxis 2 subjects, as well as other teaching certification exam subjects for the state of CT and NY and can help teachers not only prepare for the exam with the help of the study guide but also help teachers prepare with the help of an online tutor and the study guide or local tutor. 


Example of our Biology Test Prep for Teachers 

Check out our BioBooster Study Guide Diagnostic Study System

Tutoring Jobs for College Students, Teachers and Subject Matter Experts


Are you a teacher or a tutor trying to get a tutoring job?  Why not work as an independent contractor and get help from Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor company to help you increase your marketing exposure in Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY or New Haven County CT?  Tutors who are registered with us travel around these 3 counties tutoring students locally at their home.   For more info about our enrollment options and enrollment dates and how to apply for a tutoring job in Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven County Visit this link.

The Kewl part about our tutoring jobs is the fact that if you happen to be good in piano lessons, breakdancing, mathematics, computer programming or science or English, then we can help you get maximum exposure our commission rates are low and you do not have to pay anything to enroll with us.  Obviously, you must be approved by our agency, and rigorously pre-screened.  Tutors can declare their own rate and what they declare is how much they would get paid, we simply add small commission fee on top of each hourly rate.

Hence if you are looking for a quick student and not planning on creating any profiles and simply want student's info such as what other typical referral companies simply do, we are not like that.  Using this approach does not provide quality of a match and does not hold tutors responsible for their actions.  Our Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor business is based on quality match making and not quantity, and in order to provide that quality, we have proper guidelines.

  If you want something like that to feel free to visit our sister site where it works more like referral-based model where you do not have to work through the agency Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor and simply register on that site and wait for students, however since this model is not commission based it doesn't give us much incentive to advertise it as much as we advertise our local tutoring sites, hence you would obviously have much lower chances of obtaining students then you were to do that through the agency.  

How tutors can benefit from working with Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor


Here is a clarification of what we are offering.

Advertisement Platform for Teachers and Subject Matter Experts  in Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY and New Haven  County CT  (this is Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor business model)

Purpose: Helps teachers and subject matter experts, be advertised on a network of sites in an effort to land student assignments.




We have 1 website that follows Type 1 Teaching Advertisement Solution




Website. (interconnected with entire network of local tutoring sites)


To help students easier find tutors, and not just tutors but inter-combination of tutors, and learning methods, books, study guides, test prep tutorials, information about individual tutors, introductory videos, test prep practice exercises, tutoring profile and be able to compare tutors side by side, suggest prices and view discount tutoring packages and get the right candidate for their mone

To provide marketing exposure to subject matter experts under commission based model, where Tutoring Services, LLC charges commission fee from every tutor for advertising them in our platforms, with tons of free features designed to make tutoring matchmaking experience more intuitive and user-friendly.  Best option for Fairfield County and Westchester County Teachers/Subject Matter Experts

We have 2 websites that follow Type 2 Teaching Advertisement Solution

Website 1.



Allows tutors to create free tutoring profile, showing their hourly rate and qualifications where students can contact tutors for free and tutors can offer 1st tutoring session as "$15 Try Before You Buy Trial"  where students can contact subject matter experts free of charge, with expectation that they will receive 1st hour session free of charge where $15 would go towards Tutoring Services, LLC, administrative fee that we charge to offset our expenses and provide free advertisement service to tutors.

Our tutors can offer to students in their profiles Free first Trial tutoring session, or $15 Trial or no Free Trial.  Take a look at our math example section for how we recommend students and parents to get your first lesson for $15 then work direct, no middle man, but simultaneously telling parents and students that there is a price to pay if you skip middle man, and that price is quality.

Website 2.

Purpose:  Allows teachers/educators/professors, instructors, lecturers and any other subject matter experts post their tutoring ads, where students can find such ads.  Great alternative to Craiglist and Free. Created by Tutoring Services, LLC for teachers on the budget, who do not want to pay anything for posting any ads. 


Website 1. Details 

     Tutors who register on this site make money independently not as independent contractor affiliated with Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor, but rather as independent tutors advertising their services on our website where subject matter expert can show their own hourly rate, get contacted directly by students, no commission fees, no middleman to deal with.  Independent tutors do their own taxes and do not receive 1099 forms at the end of the year for this business model, in comparison with the Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor  Business model where we charge tutors commission from every hour tutored.


Trial Feature Functionality For Independent Tutors on our Site



      Dependent on what type of Trial tutors offers in their profile, students can contact tutors and either request free Trial session, where student doesn't pay anything at all and tutor provides first 1 hour of free trial session, or student can contact tutors who do offer $15 trial session and pay Tutoring Services, LLC $15 and receive first free tutoring session from tutor. 

Students who contact users with profiles that do not offer $15 trial and offer Free Trial are less likely to receive from tutors.  Since such tutors are limited to messaging restriction of up to 3 messages, however, it doesn't hurt to try and still message such tutors anyway. 

Dependent on what type of Trial tutors offers in their profile, several options are available. 

For tutors who offer $15 Trial in their profile

Messaging restriction is lifted off, and such tutors show up higher in search results the other tutors offering completely Free Trial.

For tutors who offer Free Trial in their profile

Messaging restriction applies to 3 messages, meaning tutor can't respond back to the student beyond that number.

Such tutors show up higher in search results than tutors who do not offer any trials what so ever.

For tutors who do not offer Free Trial at all

Messaging restriction applies to 3 messages, meaning tutor can't respond back to the student beyond that number.

Such tutors show up lowest in search results in their city.


Quick comparison between 2 types of Tutoring Services



See an example of math tutoring agency and nonagency managed tutoring services.

In simple words, the agency managed tutors are higher quality than independent tutors.  Reason for that is because of trust value.... to learn more about trust value and see the deeper difference between our agency managed trusted tutors and nonagency managed tutors click here.


What? Independent Tutors Show up on Multiple Domains!


      Independent tutors want to increase your visibility even more by registering on  Do not want to work for an agency as an independent contractor, do not want to share your profits with an agency?  Want to keep it all for yourself?  Why not enroll with our premium basic membership where it would allow you to show up on multiple domains in multiple subjects increasing your chances of being found by the students..  We have subject tutoring sites for most popular subjects, such as English, Chemistry, Algebra and others. 





So how do students find our Subject Matter Experts?


       Such students may either find subject matter experts through our hub or spoke sites, some of our spoke sites examples that we have in our system are shown below.. These sites are advertised automatically on google and bing.  Bing loves exact match domain sites and pushes sites with exact match domain higher in search results, google tends to stay away from exact match domain sites and prefer similar domain based sites.  Since our network of sites consists of multiple domains, with exact match, and with non-exact match domains, we are able to focus on both marketing search engines and increase tutor's exposure. Additionally we advertise our tutors on social media sites such as and others.

       We can help tutors increase their exposure and minimize administrative headaches of trying to do marketing all by your self and instead sign up as an independent tutor and take advantage of the benefits we offer you.  To maximize your exposure we always advise tutors to register not only on our website, but on any other sites out there that offer similar opportunities.

Examples of our Academic Spoke sites and examples of how students can find such students online are as shown below.


Algebra Spoke Subject Site





Chemistry Spoke Subject Site






English Spoke Subject Site





Tutoring Services, LLC have their own network of educational sites that are designed to drive student traffic to tutor's profiles, where is a hub and other subject sites are spokes.  Example of our English Tutoring Spoke Site.


Our site provides functionality for tutors offering $15 trial to be advertised free of charge on our network of spoke subject sites.  In other words if you happen to be subject matter expert in both math and english, and want to be advertised on our spoke sites as well in addition to hub site then providing that you offer to students 1st $15 Tutoring Trial (where you offer your first trial to student free of charge), you will be automatically advertised on math and english spoke sites that we have available. If you do not offer $15 trial you will not be advertised on our network of subject spoke sites.



Our Premium Feature gives maximum Exposure to Tutors

         For tutors who want to register in more then 3 subjects in both hub and respective spoke sites and increase their chances of being contacted by students even more, show up higher in search results then the members who do offer $15 trial, additionally tutors would not be obligated to offer $15 trial for first tutoring session if they enroll into premium membership and can opt out of that option.  Premium membership also gives tutors way to differentiate themselves by showing a beatified color frame around their profile as well as not being limited to messaging restriction.  Premium Membership provides independent tutors flexbility to be advertised on hub and spoke sites for low montly fee.



For additional  fee, independent tutors can request background check verification, Tutoring Services, LLC can run background check and display such tutors with Background Check Verified Stamp in front of tutor's profile. Both Date when background check was ran and stamp would be shown for other students to see. 

Tutors do need to be premium members to request background check, background check fee can be purchased separately, regardless if you are a premium or non-premium member.  Background Check Online will be conducted by Tutoring Services, LLC through our website


So which option should I chose as the teacher which option is the best for me if i live in Fairfield County CT or New Haven or Westchester County and why should parents even bother going through the agency and paying comission fees?


         We realize there are lots of options for independent tutors, however which option you chose is up to you,  If you like you can even register with both and Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor  we do not restrict  tutors from working for other agencies or for listing their profile on in addition to working with Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor, the best part about all this is that you can do both to increase your marketing exposure.  

However good question comes into mind such as if tutor registers on both sites, then student can simply go to find the same tutor as on and contact them and avoid comission tutoring agency fee, then why would Tutoring Services, LLC allow such a thing? 

          Simply because when getting matched through the Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor agency, students can suggest their own prices to independent tutor contractors registered on and obtain better deal, then oppose to hunting for tutor on their own through

Reason #1 Why parents chose to work through our Agency as oppose to finding tutor on their own through another site.

       Plus students/parents/guardians can meet tutor face to face through Surface Pro or IPAD, get phone support from an agency can cross compare tutors side by side, shop around for best packages from tutors, see who offers the best discount packages and the best rates and get more personalize match then doing so through or any other local tutoring site in the state of CT or NY that is not ran by Tutoring Services, LLC match making company. 

        Students can do so simply by using either suggest your price functionality (check out how it's used for example in the case of breakdancing instructors in Fairfield County CT) to get the best pricing out of existing tutors who are registered on and get even more affordable tutor then attempting to go through and working with tutor directly.  Alternatively students can contact the agency and simply tell us their budget and we would help them find reliable match by utilizing our network of tutoring jobs sites and local tutoring sites, making it more efficient for us to find the right candidate and be able to beat independent tutor prices. 

         The entire network was created by a mathematecian and local tutor and ceritifed/former teacher for the state of CT and a network consultant who used concepts of limits and derivatives in the mix of it all while designing this intercombined network of tutoring sites, hence many of these factors were well thought of.


Reason #2 Why parents chose to work with our math tutors as oppose to finding one on their own.

       In addition to that when it comes to mathematics tutoring, independent math tutors who are registered on or any other site simply can't compete with the mathematic tools that our tutors would get if they were to become hybrid math tutors teaching students locally in Fairfield County.   Simply because no body has such tools well integrated together as our company does.  If you would like to be come a hybrid math tutor for the state of CT and NY, then do contact us to help you get trained and enrolled. 

        Hybrid math tutors must have Microsoft Surface device and be great mathematics subject matter experts, such tutors would get paid more money then traditional based math tutors and would get access to mathematical tools that no other company would provide to tutors, the tools that they can use to tutor students of Fairfield and Westchester and New Haven County, travel around these counties and get paid for each hybrid math tutoring lesson conducted. 

Best part about is that no body offers this service, and that is another reason why Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven County parents would prefer to go through our agency as oppose to hunting for traditional based independent tutors on any other site.  

         Or alternatively, parent can ask our agency to help them find online math tutor in addition to local to gain the maximum level of learning effectiveness for their children at most affordable price.  Since we can help parents get matched with math experts local and online, parents prefer to work with one company as oppose to hunt around for tutors on their own.

Reason #3 Why Fairfield County Parents prefer to work with us.

We pre-screen our tutors who are enrolled with us as independent contractors with Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor.   Meaning we do not let random tutors into our system, to view details of how rigorous we are, feel free to visit our tutor jobs page for our Westchester county tutoring site.

Of course if none of the reasons were appealing to student/parent they can simply visit and pay $15 to exchange personal contact info with the tutor and not work with the help of the Tutoring Agency at all.  We let parents decide, we do not make money only match making commission fee, and that is not our only bread and butter.  


What if I want to register for Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor as an independent contractor but i don't see my subject that i can teach listed?


       Another kewl part about Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor agency is that if you happen to be an expert in one of the subjects and we do not have such subject, we can add this subject and instantly have this exposure across entire Westchester and Fairfield and New Haven counties network of local tutoring sites, giving tutors maximum level of exposure, flexibility  to make money part time tutoring k-12 students, adults, or other college level students.   This means even if you teach, guitar lessons, piano lessons, or know how to do something else, we can market you.


Why so many sites ?

        The reason why we have so many sites, is that having network of sites helps us exand quickly both horizontally and vertically, plus in real world if you only have one site, it's difficult to show up on search engines.   With our marketing flexibility and robust network of sites, we are able to tailor services geographically specifically for the right set of audience while maximizing our presence and helping our prices stay low, much lower then any other tutoring agencies companies, in fact if you find any other local tutoring company in Fairfield County CT or Westchester County NY or New Haven who offers better price, simply contact us tell us what you are looking for and we will put our network to work, and help you provide better price.    No other company in Fairfield or Westchester or New Haven county can do that.

Reason is very simple

  1. Many companies only focused on match making and did not bother expanding into creating new innovative solutions.
  2. Many companies only focused on k-12 audience and not teachers.
  3. Many companies are not computer experts and marketing experts
  4. Most companies only focus on local match making not online.

           Using this county based approach of multiple sites, and tailoring our services specifically per geographical location helps us keep the most lowest comission fees possible.  Plus think about other factors, such as quality, other companies do not even pre-screen their tutors, or do not even care for making sure that tutors have the right set of tools within their profiles.  Our company is unique because we are not stuck just in match making like other companies are therefore can use our innoviative approach to have the lowest prices. 

Is it hard be part of our Tutoing Services, LLC CallMyTutor network?

Yes, simply because we want the best of the best.  If you are the best of the best then don't hessitate to contact us and we can work with you to get into our system.  You can work part time, set your own schedules, and have higher chances of obtaining students then with any other tutoring match making company in the Fairfield, Westchester or New Haven County.   To apply visit our tutor jobs page at our sister site

So what is the verdict where should I register?  It seems there is just way to much work when registering with Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor local Fairfield and Westchester and New Haven county based model, why bother registering with the agency?

Very good question.

The answer is very simple:  Due to the fact that we have entire network of sites, due to the fact that we provide higher quality match making support, and due to the fact that we also happen to be IT Consulting and Search Engine Optimization company, and focusing our marketing efforts around local area, there is simply way more reasons for CT and NY residents of Westchester and Fairfield and New Haven County to simply work with the help of the tutoring agency.  It will give you higher chances of landing students.


Tutoring Job Advertisement for Agencies and Learning Centers


Solutions for Tutoring Agencies - Have a subject you want to come up on?  Have a set of subjects you would like to show higher on search results?  Want to gain access access to our teacher job advertisement portal and tutor job advertisement portal?  We have several sites available where agencies can advertise their jobs.  Access to our jobs portal is $75 per 3 months period, where we give you access to 3 tutoring dedicated sites, where agency can post their jobs.   Sites available to post on include,, , ,   Blog sites also available where you can post ads in your city $5 per blog entry for 3 months period,  Blog sites are per subject per state per city.   Agency write their own blog article and we upload it.


For Parents and Students of Fairfield County CT

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