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Scam Alert Tips

Attention parents, companies, and students do not fall into any tutoring scams or web development scams out there, to make it easy for you we have created site our propriatory database that helps us add all suspicious or proved by experience scam alerts and prevent you from falling into the same traps.

There are several types of scam alerts

Category 1.

Web Development Scam Alerts

Category 2

Tutoring Scams

Cateogry 3

Learning Center scams


Example of Category 1 scam site.

The following website is a web development  Scam in India


indian web development scam site

This is what the site looks like now.

Owners of this site will promise you web pages, but end up charging you and not giving you the code. You can confirm this with website they have this person on records.

Do not trust the owners of this site and stay away, if you need prove you can request it from site and get all the info in scam details.


 Other names this company goes for which is a scam is....  Scam web dev company

Here is what they go by on their elance profile ONS Tech elance scam profile

Ons Tech scam linked in profile