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Trying to get into military, Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard? 


Looking for help in ASVAB test?  Trying to get into military?  Did you know that mitliary asks students to pass ASVAB exam?  So how can Tutoring Services, LLC help?

Trying to get into military, Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard? 


Studying for ASVAB exam does not need to be frustrating, let us help!

Rome Wells founder of Tutoring Services, LLC helps local students prepare for ASVAB with confidence. Here is how.


Looking for help in ASVAB test prep not confident enough?

Trying to get into military?  Did you know that military career requires students to pass military test by the name of ASVAB. This test is difficult to pass if you have poor academic background.

Luckily, Tutoring Services, LLC specializes in helping students in Fairfield County CT, cities of Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, Trumbull, New Canaan, Bridgeport, Shelton, White Plains, Port Chester, Rye, New Rochelle, White Plains, Scarsdale, Tarrytown and even nearby New Haven County area students prepare for their ASVAB military exam with confidence.

Exam itself has tons of information on the test, and is most certainly a long test, that is not easy to pass without studying. Math happens to be just one of the sections of ASVAB exam, English section is another. For exam format click here, for Rome Wells recommendation advice to students who are taking this exam click here. For ASVAB study guides and agency managed CT tutors scroll further down or click here.

We simply know how to help students prepare for their ASVAB exam affordably and effectively

Our company simply knows how to help students prepare for ASVAB exam affordably or highly effectively. Highly effectively means, you call us on the phone and we help you get matched with the local ASVAB tutor who can help students prepare for their exam.

Other alternative is not to call our agency at all, and visit our sister site and search for a tutor yourself, most of the tutors on that site offer fist lesson for only $15, there is no agency commission recurring fee, but these tutors are not managed by agency and therefore learning effectiveness of such tutors may not be the same as what you would get with the agency managed tutors. Simply because our agency managed tutors are the best of the best!, and if you want whats best of the best, you got to pay up!  That just how life works.


Agency managed tutors simply hire the best of the best, and control their tutors through contractual obligations, and help such tutors get marketed locally in CT and NY and hold their tutors responsible for their actions, agency managed tutors are verified for background check. Hiring agency based tutor can in some cases even be less expensive then independent one, simply because you may end up getting tutored in less amount of sessions then what you would end up with the independent tutor.

Agency Managed ASVAB tutoring services info

Agency managed tutors are reviewed, verified and their background check is verified as well to ensure you don’t end up getting a criminal knocking in your front door teaching your son or daughter ASVAB exam. Certainly some students or Parents don’t care about that, simply because the first thing they search for or look for is price, as oppose to other factors that many agencies simply fail to mention, and instead such parents or students prefer to simply rely on the internet and take shortcuts.


Nothing wrong with that (since many people simply can't afford agency managed based tutors even though our comission fee is one of the lowest in the whole state of CT), but just know your risk up front. If you are confident in hiring independent tutor and ok with that, to save couple of bucks which at the end of the day can cost you more then what you would pay for the agency managed based tutor, then if that’s the case feel free to check our sister site where you can search for math, science, English tutor specialized subject experts who in some cases offer first lesson for only $15, and after you pay that, you would get tutored by such student and wouldn’t pay the agency recurring fee from each hour tutor teachers your son ASVAB.

What’s better ASVAB managed tutor or independent tutor?

However, at the end of the day you always must ask yourself this question… Is it worth the risk going for independent tutor in comparison to paying only a bit extra for agency managed tutor? If the answer is no, then simply pick up that phone and call us and ask for help to help you find managed by agency tutor, or browse for your tutor below.

Are there any supplementary ASVAB materials that I can use in addition to local CT tutor or alternatively to help me improve my score?


Now that you are on the same page about managed and not managed tutors, what’s next? What if you don’t want a tutor? What if you find it expensive? That is a valid point, that is why we combined both local tutors and even… study guides….. to help you tackle your ASVAB exam, study guides are in the form of resources that can help you prepare for your test.


So which choice will it be? Study Guides or Tutors or both?

The best recommended approach for highest level of learning effectiveness is to leverage both local tutor and study guides. For more info about ASVAB exam, format, type of questions to expect on the test, how to master it, what to prepare for, which study materials exist out there simply scroll down further below tutors and see which materials fit your price budget!

Tutoring Services, LLC is all about helping students prepare for their exam in affordable way. Regardless if it’s through local tutor or online or through self-guided materials or through inter combination of it all for maximum learning effectiveness.

Can't find the right tutor that is managed by agency?

Well that is ok, because you can call us on the phone and ask us to help you find one, and we will tell you if we can or not, based on your budget price.  We either will help you by placing ad on our network of local tutoring sites (and we have many sites) to find you ASVAB tutor or we will recommend other methods for you to prepare, in case if your budget is to low.   Or of course you can just go to another site and pick anyother tutor who will charge you an arm and the leg, other sites charge huge comission agency fees and simply don't worth it, especially if you are on the budget. 


Some of our other sister sites. and many other local tutoring sites, homework help sites, study guides, books sites. independent tutoring sites the list goes on and on and on. As well as social media sites such as


Hope our advice helps.  If you want to contact us and we don't pick up, leave a voice message.  If you don't leave a voice message, then we assum you are not really interested.   We have many students from Fairfield County, and Westcheser County, Bergen County and New Haven County who call us.  Often some students think that they will get the best of the best without even attempting to call us and leaving a message, that is a wrong assumption. 


Anyway we wish you luck in your ASVAB test preparation journey and advise you to call us if you want an agency managed tutor or feel free to not call us and simply study using self guided resources show below or contacting any of the independent tutors where many of them offer first lesson only for $15 on our sister site ,sweet deal if you ask Rome Wells, founder of Tutoring Services, LLC.


Below you will see tutor listing and study guides, see tutor you like then contact us to help you get matched by phone.

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