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Learn how to Breakdance directly at your home or local area from Fairfield County CT Breakdancing Instructor


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Note to existing Customers:

If you are an existing customer and already had your event where breakdancers showed up, go here to leave feedback and learn how to get your video clip edited in a professional way to make your event and breakdancers who performed at the event memobrable, note only follow this link only if you are existing customer.  Here is the link where you can provide feedback for your event and let us know how well our breakdancers did.

Need a breakdancer for private lessons or an event?  We got you covered!


        We got you covered! we provide high quality Breakdancing instructors.  We have private instructors who we can help parents and students get matched with in order to receive breakdancing lessons directly at your home or designated area.   We service, Westchester, New Haven and Fairfield County areas, including areas of Westport, Greenwich, Darien, Cos Cob, Stamford, New Rochelle, Weston, Bridgeport, Trumbull, Milford, Fairfield, New Canaan and many other locations surrounding CT and NY area.  Tutoring Services, LLC specializes in local home tutoring services match making for k-12, college level students and adults in CT and NY, and is proud to expand subject of Breakdancing into our North East Area.  To see our official company's site visit to learn more about our company.

 What type of breakdancing lessons do our instructors offer?

  1. One on One
  2. Group Tutoring

What type of students is our breakdancing lessons recommended for?

  1. Adults
  2. College Level Students
  3. High School or Middle School Students
  4. Elevementary or even Pre-K



What Breakdancing moves can our instructors servicing area of Fairfield County CT teach?

Depending on what instructor you get, moves may vary, However common moves are

Flares Gainers Freezes Headspins
1990s Ariels Foot work Style Moves
2000s Backflips Master Swipes 6 Step
Side Flips Frontflips Air Flares Basic Slides
L Kicks Kick Ups Street figher type of moves Baby Freeze
Handglide Turtles Valdez Scissors


And many other moves, that our instructors can teach.  Obviously to learn them all you would need patience.  Also if you learn a lot of moves, we can help you work with us a breakdancing instructor and earn money doing this for fun and helping others learn breakdancing.


Is it recommended to learn breakdancing if student never done it?

       It's never recommended to engage into this sport unless you are willing to get hurt, this is why it's called "Break" "dancing".  People can break things such as bones, or furniture, but if you are not worried about this and still want to learn then we can help you get matched with the right and reliable instructor.  Kewl thing about our breakdancing instructors is that you can pre-view their profile, see which one you like or even suggest your own hourly rate if hourly rates shown by our instructors you do not like. Breakdancing is a great sport if you are willing to exercise properly and take proper steps to ensure your self from breaking bones, wearing protective gear etc. However with the right level of supervision and careful training breakdancing can be learned quiet easily and with minimized risk.  


What protective breakdancing gear should students wear?

During breakdancing students should wear:

  • Protective Gear for elbows
  • knees protectors
  • great spinning jacket
  • good spinning hat
  • fresh breakdancing snickers not too heavy, preferrably light weight, but with enough cushion to protect your feet

Our instructors can recommend great gear, if you ask them during pre-screen online video conferencing interview before booking your session.

Do I have to sign contract before instructor arrives to my home or local area?

Yes, you must sign one and indemnify Tutoring Services, LLC and instructor from any of the following things that can go wrong.

1.  Student breaks a bone

2.  Student or instructor damages furniture or floor.

3.  And any other instances where independent contractor instructor or Tutoring Services, LLC can be held liable.

     The good news is we are going GREEN company which means when you sign the contract we can show you how to do so easy way using IPAD app, so this way you do not have to scan or print paper, saving money and saving Trees. Speaking of Trees... we also help college students save money on college books by allowing students to post college textbooks on our UsedCollegeBooks.NET and meet with other students directly fact to face to buy or sell books from each other, helping us save books, avoid expensive bookstore fees and best of all helping environment stay GREEN.

Does breakdancing bring his own music with speakers?

This is something that parent or guardian or student can discuss with the instructor during pre-screend video conferencing interview.  Some instructors may agree to bring their own speakers and some may ask student/parent/guardian to ensure that speakers and music is available before instructor arrives in student's home or other designated by parent/guardian/student event organizer area.


Why do Fairfield County kids love breakdancing?


     Breakdancing is basically like a roller coasters once you learn it you never want to stop.  Kids always want to learn it to get popular in school, and adults learn it to stay in shape.  Whatever your goal is we can help you get matched with the proper breakdancing instructor to help you or  your son or daughter get better in breakdancing.

Why do Fairfield County adults and college students love breakdancing?

     Breakdancing for adults is great because it can keep them in shape and be motivated to do things that many adults may not like to do unless there is a motivational effort.  For example if you go to gym, but hate doing push ups, simply hate lifting weights, find it boring, not exciting and frankly speaking tend to skip it alltogether simply because it's not motivating enough if you answers yes then your best bet is to simply learn how to breakdance.  You will feel powerful when you start doing moves that seems next to impossible to achieve, you will good about your self and know that you exercised, plus it's great for adults who want to lose weight.  Losing weight is never fun!  So why not make it fun?  Let our instructors help you, many of our instructors are also personal fitness trainers and can deliver great breakdancing lessons directly at your home or a patio or any other location where there is some space.

Who is our breakdancing instructors ?

Instructors can either be

  • Breakdancing subject matter experts
  • Fitness trainers,
  • American Ninja Warriors or
  • Certified teachers in not necessarialy breakdancing related field, but simply certified teachers for the state of CT for example but who also know how to breakdance. 

Whatever your pick maybe we can help you get matched.

What is the pricing for breakdancing lesson?

 pricing old

       Pricing is something that each instructor specifies, our agency does not believe in the model of one size fits all, each instructor has unique expertise and therefore declares price themselves, we simply help breakdancing instructors get marketed and match make them with students, in exchange for our services we charge small humble comission fee that is included in student's price.  To schedule your first lesson directly at your home in Fairfield County CT or nearby area simply contact us from the phone number above to help you get matched, or browse from this very same page for breakdancing instructors.

Who else do we tailor out match making services for?

Event organizers

Party Planners


What happens if the breakdancing instructor who we match make you with does not show up?

We do realize that due to force major circumstance sometimes it's posible that instructor who we match make you with may not show up, for example if it's snowing outside too much or if instructor gets sick cases like that do happen, however good news is that if you have an event of more then 8 people, do let us know ahead of time so we can match make you with 2 breakdancing instructors rather then one.  This can help you maximize the chance of your event being succesfull and at least one of the instructors showing up at the event. If one of the instructors does not show up the we would refund your money.

Why we are better then multiple breakdancing competitor companies/studios combined in Fairfield, Westchester and New Haven Counties?


We can beat pricing of any Breakdancing Studio company in Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven Counties, all thanks to innovatiely engineered network of sites created by www.NetworkConsultant.NET 

        Think of our company as Angies LIst, but on steroids and specifically for Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven county area, from the perspective of marketing that we can offer for our instructors, thereby reducing breakdancing hourly rates to minimum.  This new service is a direct competitor to any fitness centers or studios, or any other sport center businesses who have 1 size fit all model.  Our message is clear, give instructors freedom to express their breakdancing lessons services, do not restrict your instructors into paying them chump change where companies make all the profits, leaving instructors with minimum hourly rate!   We do not do any of that, we help instructors make money and in exchange service they provide is high quality.  This is how we beat the competition and beat the prices.  

           It's also important to remember that when competing with Tutoring Services, LLC companies are not competing with yet another sports center, or another studio, you are competing against many instructors who are ready to provide their services for fraction of the cost of what learning centers charge and keep majority of earnings!  We are expanding this very same model across, other subjects, ranging from, computer related subjects, mathematics, cisco networking, marketing, accounting.


In order to beat our pricing here is what other companies has to do.

1. Build huge network of local tutoring sites in CT and NY and entire North East.

2. Build intelligent search engine that builds content automatically

3. Have Founder who is also a breakdancer and knows intimiate details of the breakdancing industry.

4. Be super genius to intercombine and network all concepts together, founder of this business happen to be 1  visit NetworkConsultant.NET for more info

5. Be Certified/Former teacher for the state of CT

6. Be ready to invest into customly created video conferencing solution system that can work across variety of platforms.

7. Be ready to invest into match making platform and learn how to use.

8. Know how to exctract other breakdancers to become instructors

9. Have intensive expertise in marketing that can be easily passed on to team of experts, recreating this content all over network of sites.

10. Founder is also a mathematecian who designed Hybrid Math Tutoring Program for students of Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven County using 21st century optical character recogntion tools and simply made concept of learning math fun just as much fun as learning breakdancing (well maybe not as fun as learning breakdancing, but definitely more fun then leveraging traditional based math tutoring approach).  His site is also   if you haven't heard of it check it out.

         Hence word of advice to all the companies out there, if you want to compete with us  you can't beat us, instead what you can do is partner up with us, and offer your space where our instructors can do lessons in exchange for share of revenue.  This is much better option for you to do that rather then try to compete with us, simply because competing with us is financially not a reasonable thing to do. 

What does our competitive advantage means to Parents and students of Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven County?

  • More affordablie pricing
  • Flexibility to Bargain all you want by suggesting your price, however if no one accepts your price if it's low don't be surprised.
  • Higher quality service


Message for Parents of Bergen Westchester County and Fairfield and New Haven County

  • Do not contact us unless you are willing to sing a contract. 
  • Do not expect someone super cheap, our instrutors are professional experts and charge even more in some cases then Academic instructors simply because they are rare to find, there are tons of math tutors out there, tons of  english, science tutors, and tons of all random subject tutors, but not a lot of experts in breakdancing who can come directly to your home.

If you need help getting matched with one of our instructors simply contact us from the phone number on top right or send us email or search for your instructor in breakdancing directly from this page.


Every Breakdancing Instructor who works with us has custom crafted Tutoring Profile

Feel free to check out instructor profiles and intro videos, and pay close attention if they offer group tutoring lessons or not  (after all this can help you save money)

What is typically shown inside breakdancing profiles?

  • Breakdancer's Competition Events Videos
  • Intro Video of breakdancer helping you decide if breakdancing instructor is best for you or your child
  • Breakdancer's other performances Videos
  • Practice Exercise Videos in the crew or outside of the crews hours
  • Picture of instructor
  • Discount Packages of instructor showing much each instructor charges their students
  • Practice Tests Instructor has created to demonstrate his level of expertise for example practice tests for Braekdancing Safety
  • Articles and Worksheets (sometimes instructors may even have dril exercise plans uploaded in their profiles) for specific moves.
  • Some instructors have testimonials some have ratings
  • Each instructor has About Me info
  • My Offers section (showing if tutor gives first free lesson if you were to buy a lot of sessions or not) or showing gropu tutoring discount

Does our company provide any Gurantee?


Each instructor is backed up by first 1 hour tutoring Gurantee (provided directly by Tutoring Services, LLC), that means if student or parent did not like 1st Breakdancing Lesson, then they are not obligated to pay.   Each instructor agrees to that prior to starting out with us independent contractor.  If you did not like your breakdancing instructor we can help you find another one!


Where can breakdancing lessons take place?


  • Student's home
  • Designated area with plenty of space such as play room or room without much furniture in it
  • Patio location
  • Designated by student's parent or event organizer's school center or party area
  • Gymnastic Area etc.
  • Public Park 


What happens if I don't have space and how much space do i really need?


       Ideally you will need at least 300 Square feet of space with 7 to 8 feet ceilings, the higher the ceilings the better (for flips etc)  If you have a party and renting out a center or space simply let us know ahead and we can arrange for instructor to come out to your party event, whatever it is, sweet 16, wedding etc, or even event in school.  We have done events in schools feel free to check out our instructor's profiles to get an idea of who we are and what we offer.

Alternatively if you have a group of kids and have an event organizer, contact us we can help you get in contact with the right event organizer who can organize all aspects of the lessons and use our services of match making, where match make event organizer with one of our breakdancing instructors.


Can I meet Breakdancing Instructor face to face over video conferencing before he/she shows up at my home in Fairfield County CT?

         Also you can meet with one of our instructors face to face over IPAD or Microsoft Tablet PC, discuss any specific details, abaout the match and even send pic of your space or show it in video camear of your ipad, instructor can evaluate your space and tell you if it's enough room or not.  Note some moves maybe sacrificed from being able to be executed by instructors depending on space limitations.    You can even attempt to bring your price lower then what is shown in tutoring profiles during pre-screen interview with the instructor, some instructors may agree to lower rate, and some may not, the quicker way to bargaining lower rate is to simply use our "Suggest Your Price Functionality" described futher down below as you continue reading.


How are we different from dance learning centers or fitness centers or studios?

  1. Our tutors come to your home or designated location supervised by parent/guardian.
  2. Parents or Students do not need to drive to learning center or fitness center
  3. Some of our tutors offer group discounts helping students save money.
  4. You are getting more learning effectiviness from the instructor then you would get in the learning center
  5. Breakdancers are trained to breakdance on the street and are great in spacial orientation that means they can also teach in settings outside of studio.
  6. Plus we can match make you not only with breakdancing instructor but with an best academic tutor in mathematics subject or science for example locally or online, some breakdancing instructors can even also teach math!

Do our Breakdancing Instructors provide discounts packages for Fairfield County students on the budget?

Yes, please review instructors' packages, each instructor may have different packages.  Hence one instructor may be better in pricing then another.  

This is a sample of a breakdancing package from one of the tutors .  The more hours you buy the more you save.


To Learn how Breakdancing Match Works go here

How do I know which instructor is the best?

Best is rather vauge term, best can mean good in breakdancing, knows a lot of moves, knows how to speak with kids, very polite etc.  Hence it's a complex question, however to help you get better solidified match you can review each tutor's profile view their tutorials, see their videos, some even create practice tests in breakdancing, some provide first free lessons some do not, hence we let parents decide who is the best for their sons and daughters.

Don't like prices of any of our breakdancers?  Suggest your own hourly rate!


     We created this function specifically for parents who love to bargain with instructors and want to see who can offer most affordable, rate, all you have to do is select breakdancing instructors from the list and simply short list them then send them suggested rate and how many hours of breakdance tutoring you would like to purchase.  Tip the more hours you offer the more chances tutor has to actually agree for your price, or alternatively you can review tutor's discount packages and simply cross compare tutors side by side to see which one is the best one for you.



 To Learn how Breakdancing Match Works go here


Compare Breakdancing instructors side by side

       We made it easy for students/parents/event organizers to search for breakdancing instructors and compare them side by side!  How easy?   Very Easy!  Simply search for breakdancing subject from our callmytutor site or from this very same page and then simply compare each tutor by hitting compare check box, then review tutors side by side and decide.


To Learn how Breakdancing Match Works go here

This is cross side by side comparision example of Breakdancing instructors

You can compare up to 3 instructors!




     When comparing each tutor side by side pay close attention to what each tutor offers, this can help you decide, we are constantly adding other functions that can help you compare instructors side by side easily to help parents of Westchester and Fairfield and New Haven County area get better idea of what each instructor has to offer.


Do we pre-screen tutors?

       Yes we do not allow sex offenders or anyone who has conflict of working with kids into our system, for safety of parents of Westchester County NY and reasoning.  Also you can meet tutor face to face before they show up at your home in Stamford CT or any other Fairfield or Westchester County area.   Pre Screening is a great feature, where  you can meet tutor even on your IPAD or Surface Pro device before tutor shows up at your home.  This is kind of a big deal when trying to decide on whom you would like to hire.  Check out our sister stie to see how pre-screening process works and what it is.

About us

Our official site is  if you are an instructor and want to join our crew and company Tutoring Services, LLC feel free to send us email to or call from the top right corner by the phone number you see listed.  When applying with Tutoring Services, LLC please apply within enrollment dates, if you are outside of the enrollment dates there is no gurantee that we will get back at you.  


Breakdancing Independent Contract Job Enrollment Requirements


When applying provide the following information

  1. Your B-Boy, B-Girl Name
  2. Approximate # of Competitions Attended
  3. Approximiate # of Competitions competed on (provide names and dates if possible)
  4. Couple of References,
  5. Youtube channel with any of your breakdancing videos if you have one.
  6. Reason why you want to become breakdancing instructor with cover letter.
  7. Be prepared to meet over video conferencing interview.
  8. Must have driver license must be 18 years old or older.
  9. Must have great personality skill set and not afraid to show off your moves
  10. Must be ready to meet interviewer face to face to demonstrate your skills if asked.
  11. List name of Events and dates attended or Parties you were breakdacing at.
  12. List names of studios where you trained, if trained on the street the you must provide street name.
  13. List names of moves you can do and on the scale from 1 to 10 your level of expertise in these moves
  14. LIst any television shows, or professional entertainment shows where you were featured at as breakdancer.
  15. Must have clean record and have great personality
  16. Must be computer literate and know how to use computer, basic english communication skills a plus.
  17. List grade levels or classes of which grade levels you provided breakdancing training for.
  18. Let us know how many years of breakdancing experience you have.
  19. If you have similar experience to breakdancing such as Martial Arts or American Ninja Show skill set do let us know.
  20. Be ready to battle with an interviewer or set of interviewers and win (if asked).
  21. Provide approximate number of students you teached breakdancing in the past.
  22. Provide any references from any of the students taught in the past if available.

    Note when applying we will be looking at these factors to base our decision on, the more info you can provide the better.  If you do not have all of the info that is ok, we will base our decision as cumulative decision based on what you provide and let you know if you are enrolled into our program or not.  Do not apply if you do not have a lot of breakdancing experience, do not apply if you are not confident in your self to teach students directly at their homes or entire class of students. 

     This independent contract opportunity is only for breakdancing who would like to work part time and make good money helping kids of Fairfield, New Haven and Westchester County do well in breakdancing, motivating kids and also teaching adults and college level students breakdancing.   Must have positive attitude and responsive to any of the agency inquries.  Send items 1 through 22 to be sure to call us first, please do not apply unless you are within enrollment date period.


For Breakdancing Tutors 


To Learn how Breakdancing Match Works go here

For Option 1.  Call number at top right corner or message from the Let's Talk chat icon below to speak with the agent.

For Option 2.  Go here   <---this option is not the greatest one, if you want custom match and want help from our agency making your breakdancing lesson or event more customized.

And Register there free of charge, and declare in profile that you offer first lesson for FREE, and authorize us charge student $15 on your behalf.

If it was me and I lived in any of these counties, then I would definitely go for option 1, since we got the biggest network of tutoring sites, and hence more possible student lead opportunities. 


To Learn how Breakdancing Match Works go here

Who are our agency managed Breakdancing Tutors?

This is B-Boy Junior (Melecio very well known in competitions)


To Learn how Breakdancing Match Works go here

This is Angel (featured in American Ninja Warrior)


To Learn how Breakdancing Match Works go here

We also have other tutors as well, in Academics such as Math or Science and even IT Computer Networking and IT Consulting, we can match make you with any of our tutors.

Check out Google Plus page  to learn more about us, and definitely check our breakdancing tutor profiles, their videos, their discount packages, their hourly rate, who they are what they are and see if you like any of them, see their videos. When you decide what package to get simply request a package, or ask agent for help at the bottom right corner chat icon, or call using phone number at top right corner.  We will get your breakdancing tutor dispatched to your home or to specific event.

 Need a breakdancer for public event? Wedding, Birthday, Bat Mitzvah or some other corporate or non corporate event?


To Learn how Breakdancing Match Works go here

Our pricing model is a bit different for breakdancing-events.  Corporate events and Weddings, and sweet 16ths and other types of public events are more demanding and take greater tall on stress of a breakdancer.  Breakdancer has to be agile in both breakdancing, and simply being good around people, unfortunately not every breakdancer is like that.  Which is why finding such type of break dancer is a lot more difficult then a regular break dancer who is just good in breakdancing.  

Plus it takes a lot of stress to perform in public.  We have learned this lesson our selves and adjusted prices accordingly to reflect public event based breakdancing sessions.  Breakdancing events can be scheduled with our agency similarly like a breakdancing tutor.  The difference is... in our case we actually can personlize party experience in a way that would make your party light up.   If you prefer personalized party experience we would charge more money for that.  When we say personalized experience we mean, getting breakdancers to wear light shoes, and shirt that lights up all sorts of digital colors in sychronization with music, making 1 or multiple breakdancers show up at specific time frame.  Making sure that they are not late, etc.  This entire service of delivery becomes more challanging for public event. Which is why our agency managed breakdancers for breakdancing public event would charge more.  

Note it's also different from tutoring where you actually buy a package, and then pay smaller fee for that package, and there is a higher incentive for our agency to help you, simply because we get paid based on comission, that tutors agree to pay us in exchange for us helping them get marketed on our CT, NY and NJ network of sites. Which means single events are more demanding from the service deliver perspective on both the agency and the breakdancer, since there is a higher pressure on service delivery for one time event there is clearly higher cost associated with that.

How much more?

It depends on how big is the wedding or bat mitzvah party is.  

You can check each individual tutor prices in tutor's profiles to see what they are.

For mini small party 1 to 20 people we would charge one rate

for  small party 20 to 60 we would charge another rate

for medium party 60 to 120 people would charge another 

for large party 120 and beyond we would charge another rate.

Note this pricing model is only for public event.   In case if you are willing to provide more then 1 event, in that case you can purchase tutoring discount package just like with tutoring model.   The more hours you buy the more money you save.  Obviously if you find one tutor happen to be more expensive then what your budget can afford, then do let us know, remember tutors are the ones who declare prices, not the agency we simply broker customer requests and help them decide on rate, but we never tell them what rate to put, we give them guidelines what to add and provide suggestions based on the current market.  If tutor is ok to provide lower pay then you may be in luck, but not every tutor is like that, hence don't hesitate to ask our agency if that's the case.  

 Have a corporate event or a boat party?


To Learn how Breakdancing Match Works go here

We can have breakdancer show up at your boat and perform at your boat party and entertain and cheer the crowd, making your party on the boat unforgetable.  Boat size has to be adequate within approximiate 400 square feet minimum of floor space.  You can reserve 1 or multiple breakdancers for your boat party.  Our breakdancers will motivate the crowd and show very cool moves.  The light shoes and the LED shirts will bring the colorful effects into your party.  

When combining great music, boat party with food and drinks and happy guests who get motivated by our breakdancers to go on the dancer floor and to also watch breakdancers perform and do variety types of amazing moves can make your party stand out. One thing is to combine great moves, another thing is to combine great breakdance moves with great party with great visual effects and great energy.  The visual effects are in the form of cloth that breakdancers wear.  They cloth that lights up and even goes with the beat of the DJ.

The effect is stunning when all of the elements are intercombined together, to provide great level of entertainment for your company's boat party.  Contact us to reserve a breakdancer, whether you are an event organizer or a company who happens to be in the process of deciding where to take your employess to celebrat your company's anniversary or any other corporate events.   We can help by match making you with the proper type of breakdancer or multiple breakdancers to show up at your boat party and do what our breakdancers do best, entertain and breakdance and cheer the crowd.


Breakdancing Shoes our breakdancers use 




Breakdancing Shirts that light up our breakdancers use




Depending on what type of experience you want for your boat party, we can enhance that experience by adding shoes and shirts for breakdancer who ends up showing up at your event.  Breakdancers do not wear these or similar light up shoes and shirts for every event, and only wear it upon request from customers.  Making the fee a bit more for more customized show.  


Extra Add ons for the public show


Smoke Machine

Machine that makes smoke, we can have breakdancer arrive with the light up shoes and shirts and smoke machine, that will generate fog in the dance floor area, giving it a great experience for the guests and creating higher level of entertainment especially when both music, and smoke machine and moves from breakdancer performing on the floor with lights from the shoes and from the shirt are all inter combined together.   If interested in Smoke Machine for your party the fee will be extra.


Small Trampoline 

Trampoline is placed near the smoke area and breakdancer jumps on the Trampoline and does a front flip landing directly into the dance floor and then from that point on begins doing breakdancing moves.  Note trampoline is not always necessary, some breakdancers can do flips directly without any trampolines.   However, having trampoline and the smoke machine and the lights with shoes and the lights in the shirt plus cool breakdancing moves is what makes entertaining experience better.  The more add ons you add the money it is for our breakdancer.  

Contract will need to be signed.

Note we also make you sign contract that if for whatever reason if breakdancer, breaks something... in your premises... you do not hold our company Tutoring Services, LLC liable and neither do you hold our breakdancer liable in case if they break anything while doing these flips.  Your boat party must have insurance, also in case if someone breaks their bone.  Typically our breakdancers do not break any bones, since they are highly professional, but accidents may happen therefore we also have to protect ourselves and our breakdancers from any liability issues.  

Note breakdancing is the type of dance that can cause people to break bones, but it only happens in the beginning stages of breakdancing, when the student is beginning to learn on their own without supervision from any instructor.   Without supervision of any instructor the chances for breaking a bone are very high in comparison to having breakdancing lesson with the instructor, who hels students reduce risk of breaking bones by showing students how to breakdance correctly. 


Our breakdancers have great level of spacial orientation

However rest assured, you do not have to worry about our breakdancers, they have extremely high level of spacial orientation and also meditate a lot, and simply know their borders of the space where they breakdance.  It may seem very strange to understand, but it's true.   Experienced breakdancers who have experience breakdancing in clubs in tight spaces develop this spacial orientation through out the years of practice.   Hence if you want to reserve a breakdancer for your wedding or boat party for corporate event then definitely do not hesitate to contact us to help you get matched with solid breakdancer or breakdancers to help your boat party stand out.


We also service the following areas

   Best Westport CT Breakdancing Lessons CT

   Private Local Breakdancing Instructors in Stamford Connecticut

Sort By:
Melecio O   [ TUTOR ]
Qualification: Under Graduate
Occupation: Breakdancer

Norwalk : 06850
img  Shortlist Tutor
View(s): 124
I have passion for breakdancing, and attend many competition events.  I practice every monday and wed in community center and, can provide private breakdance lessons at home or in class or perform at public event.
Subject Teaching Level Rate
Breakdancing Advanced, Beginner, Expert, Intermediate $ 91 per hour