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Please read this carefully to understand how our match making service works.

Tutors are aware of these instructions as well, not reading this may result in non-successfull match.


Step 1.  You go to our main breakdancing service page and get familiar with our match making services. then come back here.

Step 2.  When ready navigate to the google map, shown here.


We have variety of Breakdancing Tutors You can analyze and compare  them side by side

This is where you can search for your breakdancers by radius, and navigate to breakdancer's tutoring profile.  

Step 3.   Analyze your Breakdancing Tutor's profiles


       Once you navigate to breakdancer's tutoring profile from google map, you can view videos associated with the breakdancer to see how good the breakdancer is, and view other information about breakdancer such as, tutoring discount packages offered by breakdancers, hourly rate breakdancer charges and other information relevant to the breakdancer that can help you make up your mind whether or not you should hire that breakdancer.

Our Breakdancers fill out their profile carefully for you to decide who to pick

Note our breakdancers fill out their profile carefully and upload necessary information in there such as tutorial videos, samples of their lessons or public events, introductory video of themselves, basically all the info that you need to make up your mind about the breakdancers and whether you should hire them or not.

Reason why our breakdancers fill out their profile....

The more info they upload in their breakdancing tutoring profile the higher in search results they show up using Rome Wells search Tutor Rank Search Engine algorithm, hence there is friendly level of competition between our breakdancers in a virtual level, thereby helping them being presented properly and helping them get better marketed and helping them earn more money, while helping you (the customer) being able to decide quicker for whom you should hire.

Step 4.  Initiate conversation with agency 

At any time during your analysis of any breakdancer's profile you can initiate conversation with our agency using icon at the bottom right to request your breakdancer or multiple breakdancers for your event.  (you can also call us by phone number at top right corner of this site or sending us student request message from this site)

Note at any time agency may be able to transfer you to one of the breakdancers.

Some of our Breakdancers have messaging app installed on their phones, messaging app that allows us to transfer your chat request that you initiate from the bottom right "Let's talk Icon" directly to them in real time. Note not every breakdancer has that app, but these breakdancers who do, are typicallly the ones that get the clients.  

We let our breakdancers know about this app. However, do not force our breakdancers to download or install anything and only simply recommend it to improve their chances of getting clients.

Here is what Agent will need from you.

If it's a lesson or public/private event, agent will add you as prospect into LearnSpeed breakdancer and client management software, agent will need to know your name and student's name or client's name (if different), phone number and email, where the lesson will take place (location) and when (if for public event), if it's for private breakdancing lesson (you can discuss scheduling with the tutor), or for public event.

Agent will also ask you, how many hours in the discount tutoring package you would like to buy if you happen to be client purchasing private breakdancing lessons..  

Our Agency Fee

Our agency fee is 30% if you only buy 1 lesson, and 25% if you buy a discount package. (we give 5% incentive and make our agency fee lower if you buy more hours, giving you more reasons to buy more hours)  

Discount Packages to help you save money

Additionally discount packages that our tutors show up with in their profiles is essentially their way of giving clients incentive, which means more money saving for you providing that you buy more hours giving you even cheaper breakdancing lessons (hence is the reason why they called discount packages).

Note if this is for public event, please let us know how many breakdancers you need and which breakdancers do you want to show up(we recommend minimum 2 especially for very important events like weddings)

What about the pricing?

Pricing will very based on what type of event you are looking to reserve your breakdancer for (whether it needs customized entertainment experience light shoes, light shirt etc.. or not), if it's for Private Lesson then the rate would be cheaper then for let's say public event. Each instructor provides their own hourly rate, but for simplicity of the match many of our instructors agreed to keep the same rate.

What about pricing for customized breakdancing event entertainment experience?


We can have our breakdancers arrive with shoes or/and shirts that light up as well as have our breakdancers bring professional video camera with tripod that would record their performance at your wedding event or boat party event, Bat Mitzvah or birthday party, then after recording your event our agency would professionally edit the video and send it back to you so you can keep it for your wonderful memories.

You can buy these add ons seperately from the price you would pay for the breakdancer or breakdancers to show up at your event, If interested in hot add ons, (contact our agency for priciing if)

What if I want to message breakdancing tutor directly?

If you would like to message tutor directly you must register as a student on our site, in which case you will be able to send message to tutor directly from tutor profile using email icon (all conversations are logged for quality assurance and compliance) and do other thing such as suggest your price for multiple breakdancers and see who would be willing to accept you as a student or a client.

Note, our breakdancers already set their price in their tutoring profile, but some of them may still be willing to negotiate if the price is right and number of hours that you suggest is beneficial for them.

If you want your party to be customized and have special request, such as having breakdancers show up with shoes that light up and shirts that light up, be sure to let our agent know that you want to spice up party a bit more with the higher level of entertaining experience.

How do I suggest my own rate?

To learn how to suggest your price visit (note just because you suggest your price does not guarantee that you will end up getting your tutor for that price, however we do provide this feature for students anyway, in case if they can't afford high hourly rate but can afford multiple hours but for lower rate)

In either case, our tutors offer discount packages, where the more hours you buy the more money you save.  Not all tutors offer these packages some do, some may not depends on the tutor.  

What happens after I request a tutor?

We notify your tutor, and breakdancing tutor contacts you and you (the client) can discuss scheduling and availability with the breakdancing tutor.  After tutor discusses scheduling and availability, tutor contacts our agency letting us know that you are ready to proceed (in which case our agent manually logs into LearnSpeed and invites breakdancing client to register for LearnSpeed  after client is registered agent updates scheduled date for client event or lesson).

In the event if it's a public party or event or private lesson, we send email notification to you breakdancing client letting you know next action steps using LearnSpeed, therefore you must have LearnSpeed account, if you do not your wedding match or lesson may end up not hapenning..  

In case if you bought more then 1 lesson

First lesson agent takes care of scheduling, for the remaining sessions breakdancing tutor takes care of the scheduling.

In case if you bought more then 1 in lesson, for any sub-sequent scheduled lessons, breakdancing tutor logs into LearnSpeed and add your event or lesson to his/her calendar.


What are the Action Steps for client after discussing with the breakdancing tutor that they want to proceed?

Step 1. Register in 

Reasons to register 

(reasons to register are.... for ease of communication,  better chances of getting higher quality service, and in case if you want us to help you get matched with other tutors in the future  in other academic or non academic subjects or events in Fairfield, New Haven, Westchester or Bergen counties then it's even more reasons to register, plus this is how we communicate with you to send us payment for our service, no register no service sorry but that's just how our busines works)

So how do I register as a client?

You the client (student or parent or event organizer or any other person who is purchasing breakdancers) will need to register in (this is where we keep track of match making, conversations and communications and contracts, this is also the tool that we use to attach your contract  that we make our clients sign before sending out our breakdancers to your location)

Your agent will invite you to register on and from there you will be able to access contract and sign it and send it back to us using app or any other app that allows you to sign contract easily without waisting paper or printing anything out.. 

Step2. After you Sign Contract You will be emailed Google Map link showing your tutors and your event in 1 place

After your contract is signed, you will be sent link to google map that shows location of your event, and 2 or more  breakdancers who you reserved.  For example Go here to see how it looks like. 

In this link you will see similar map that you seen in the initial step when you were first searching for breakdancing tutors by radius within your geographical distance, except in this case, you would see your event location and 2 breakdancers who our company have helped you get matched with.

The above similar link is the link that we would send to you and to your breakdancers, this way both of your breakdancers and you know what's going on, when the event is taking place, what time event is taking place and any other additional instructions all shown on a single google map, making it very easy to understand who will show up at your event and when.

Step3.  Our Agency Will setup Reminder

Our agency will setup automatic reminder in both of the breakdancer's profile reminding them within 48 hours by email that the event is going to take place and that they must respond back acknowledging that they will show up. Once they respond, our agency will have a record of their response in the system.  

If for whatever reason, we do not receive back acknowledgement from 1 of our breakdancers within 48 hours, we will attempt to reach out to breakdancer ourselves, if no response within 24 hours later, we will try to find replacement (however do not guarantee that we will, this is why we recommend 2 breakdancers and not 1 to reduce risk)


What happens after breakdancing event?

After Event you will receive email request to provide survey letting us know how our breakdancers did, and learn how you can get your event video when our breakdancers performed at your event memorable.  By going here, you will be automatically notifed by your agent to go here after public event took place.  This is where you will be able to provide survey.