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Elementary Level tutoring for children in Fairfield County NY


Tutoring Services LLC is a dynamic team of competent and proficient tutors in Fairfield CT who are willing to provide the most comprehensive tutoring to students who need any academic help. Our tutoring services which home tutors provide come in the form of refresher, advance or remedial sessions where it aims at helping learners to cope with their studies, acquire better study habits, and gain confidence in doing their homework and other assignments in school.

We can help parents of elementary level students in different geographic locations

Including but not limited to:  Norwalk, Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, Westport, Weston, Cos Cob, Danbury, Derby, Monroe, Milford, Stratford and other areas of CT including neighboring counties of New Haven and Westchester County.

Finding the best elementary tutor and study program does not need to be hard


Finding the best and the right elementary tutoring program and services as an alternative intervention to help young and fresh learners improve and perform better in school may be a difficult task because there maybe hundreds of tutoring agencies to choose from.


Our elementary grade level test preparation and tutoring services

However if you want want what is best for your child, chose tutors with the help of our Tutoring Services, LLC agency.  Our tutors who are registered with us can provide tutoring services, at elementary grade level, each of our tutor who is registered with us in their profile indicate what differentiates them from other tutors at elementary grade level.   Parent can quickly search and pick tutor who makes most sense for them.  Knowing tutor's teaching style is important.  That is what our agency provides, this level of differnation for tutors.


Private School Exam Test prep for Elementary School Students attempting to enter Private MIddle School or elementary school


private school exams




If your child is attending elementary grade levels and needs help in preparing for ISEE middle level exam, or SSAT middle level exam then we got you covered.  Additionally if your child is not attending elementary school yet and you are in the process of applying to elementary level school, we also got you covered. 




ISEE and SSAT exam test prep

Looking for a class?  Don't get fooled by specialized ISEE & SSAT class offering programs.

They don't provide individualized attention, or the best level of quality that you would want your child to have.  The best and most effective way of preparing is with the help of a local tutor directly at your home and with the supplementary study materials for your ISEE & SSAT exam. 


How can we help elementary school parents in Fairfield County CT?

Our company Tutoring Services, LLC makes it easy for Fairfield County middle school students prepare for ISEE upper or SSAT upper level exams.  



Also we list study guides and practice questions for you all in one single location making it easy for you to browse, your study resources, including both tutors, exams, study resources and practice test prep resource!  Or call us from the phone number at top right corner to help you get started with ISEE/SSAT test preparation help.

Contact us today for more info

If you are interested in hiring our proficient and friendly tutors, contact us today and we will be very glad to hear from you. You can call us through the phone number located at the top right corner or email us at or send a request through our student website form.