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Q: What is the difference between online and home-based tutoring?


A: Online tutoring method utilizes the internet access from the comfort of your home and the assigned tutor and the tutee do not have to travel to meet for a session. During this online tutoring session, the tutor and the student can interact using the voice, live chat or a shared whiteboard. This method is also cheaper.


Home-based tutoring method is also effective because it involves a more individualized means of learning and develops confidence, motivation, and problem solving competency. Tutors can also provide useful tips and techniques to help students improve their performance in school.


 Q: From where do your tutors come from?


A: We are present in almost all of the states, particularly here in Fairfield CT. Their common commitment is to help students identify their academic goals and achieve them using strategies that are effective, develop good study skills and habits, and help them become self-reliant, responsible, and confident learners. These tutors went through thorough selection process including background check and verification of official records. They are qualified to teach specific subjects ranging from elementary to secondary and even college levels.


 Q: How can I hire a tutor?


A: Visit our official website and sign up at “Students’ Sign Up” category. Signing up is free of charge.



Q: What content do your tutors use during the tutorial sessions?


A: Tutoring Services LLC as well the tutors have collections of good content based on US Education curriculum such as worksheets, test practice, and other learning materials to be used during the sessions. The tutors and the students can share documents during the sessions.


Q: How will the tutor determine the curriculum that should be used during the tutoring sessions?


A: Our qualified and competent tutors definitely know and adhere to the curriculum set by the school state and national education system.



Q: Will the tutors utilize the same text books that we have as students?


A: The tutor’s focus is on the lessons or content that you have according to the set educational curriculum. They will be using learning materials and books that will reinforce the learning process during the sessions.



Q: Do I need to use the whole period of time each time I work with the tutor?


A: You can work with the tutor for an average of one hour or as long as you want.



Q: Will I be able to choose the same tutor again in the future?


A: Yes, you can contact the same tutors if they are available through this site. And if the tutor is working with some students, we can find you another great tutor with your requested academic subject.


Q: Does my financial information secured with Tutoring Services LLC?


A: All credit cards processing are encrypted via SSL which make your computer and bank’s system safe and secured.