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How can I become a tutor working for Tutoring Services, LLC?
Answer: Register on create your profile, upload introductory video of yourself, upload about me personal info, teaching certificates information and professional certificates as well as resume and provide us with online background check.
How much will I get paid?
Answer: Tutors declare their own hourly rate, you will get paid as much as you specify in your profile, providing that the student will like your price and what type of tutoring services you can offer.
Some of the subjects I tutor require more effort than others will I get paid the same hourly pay if I tutor more advanced subject?
Answer: Our tutors have flexibility of declaring their own hourly rate based on subject and grade level, available grade levels are elementary, middle school, high school and college. Tutors can set their desired hourly rate per subject and grade level.
Students ask me about tutoring discount packages, can I offer any tutoring discounts if I work for Tutoring Services, LLC?
Answer: We allow tutors to create their own tutoring discount package which they can offer to students based on subject and grade level. Tutors can create custom percentages and custom packages based on their own needs and are able to differentiate themselves from other tutors.
What is the purpose behind discount package?
Answer: Students like to pay less and tutors who do offer tutoring discount packages are more likely to be contacted by students then then the tutors who do not offer any tutoring discount packages.
Does the Tutoring Agency give any incentives if I do offer discount package to students?
Answer: Yes instead of 30% commission fee we would instead charge 25% plus we would match whatever percentage that you offer in your discount package to be deducted from our agency fee , thereby minimizing our agency fee even lower than 25% and providing incentive for student to purchase the pre-paid tutoring package.
What happens if I don’t offer any tutoring discount packages?
Answer: Then you will be advertised to student at higher hourly rate equaling to whatever the rate you declare plus 30% on top of that, reducing your chances of landing student match.
How do tutoring discount packages work?
Answer: Tutor declares hourly rate for specific subject and grade level, this is the rate tutor would get paid if he did not offer any tutoring discount packages, and declares in My Offers settings that he/she offers discount package. Discount packages get presented in tutor’s profile, requesting tutor to specify range for the number of tutoring sessions tutor is willing to offer and at what % rate discount.

The discount % rate that tutor offers and agency’s % match incentive gets deducted from the original amount which tutor declared that he wants to get paid and additional 25% of tutors hourly rate gets added on top. Tutor’s profile gets updated showing exactly how much tutor would get paid and how much agency would get paid.

Whenever tutoring package gets created it gets presented for student to see at which point student can request discount package from the tutor specifying number of sessions needed and which package for which grade level and for which subject student needs, at which point tutor gets notified that there is a student requesting a package from the tutor by email, agency gets notified as well. Agency confirms with the tutor if tutor is ok to offer his/her tutoring sessions and is in fact available, and if tutor is ok with tutoring the new student, agency requests student to submit payment for the package. Package gets updated in tutor’s My Packages section and gets declared as Paid.
What happens after tutoring discount package is purchased?
Answer: Tutor can visit his My Packages section to view the existing package details and can proceed with scheduling tutoring session with the student directly, at the end of each tutoring session; tutor must log into my packages section and specify how many hours tutor end up teaching student. Upon specifying the number of hours, and hitting submit, student gets notified and approves or disapproves the number of hours tutor student.

If student did not approve hours then tutor must contact the agency, in which case agency will verify what the issue is with the student, and upon confirmation with the student that the lesson did take place, agency can approve tutor’s logged time on behalf of the student. If student was not aware of any tutoring taking place then we follow by the policy of customer is always right, and will not approve tutor’s logged time. Therefore, we request tutors to always after each tutoring session to log into my packages section and log their time, this way if there is an issue it can be identified earlier and tutor doesn’t end up tutoring for nothing if student refuses to pay.
What do I do if student used up all of the hours in my purchased package?
Answer: Kindly request student to purchase another package if he wants to continue tutoring.
What happens if my student decided to cancel in the middle of the package?
Answer: All of the money that student paid for the number of hours which were not used up would get refunded back to the student based on the original non-discounted hourly rate which tutor set.
How do I get paid?
Answer: Each Tutor providing that they have logged their time at the end of every session would get paid on bi-weekly period by check sent directly to tutor.
Do I have to declare my own taxes?
Answer: At the end of the year we send you 1099 form showing how much you earned and you must file taxes. Hence when declaring your hourly rate that you want to get paid for your tutoring rate you need to take that into consideration.
Some students ask me for free tutoring trial session prior to continuing with the tutoring, what do I tell students if they ask me for a trial tutoring session?
Answer: We require all of our tutors to provide first free trial tutoring session risk free of charge, which means if student didn’t like free tutoring session for whatever reason student is not obligated to pay anything. If student however did like the tutoring he must pay for that first tutoring session.
Does Tutoring Services, LLC give raises to tutors?
Answer: Yes we value our tutor’s time that they spend working as independent contract for Tutoring Services, LLC and do give tutor 2 cycle raises, once after 50 hours of tutoring another raise after 100 hours of tutoring.
How much raise can I get?
Answer: We take off 5 % from our commission for all the hours that you tutored between 50 and 100 and 10% off from our commission for the number of hours if you tutored for more than 100 hours.
What is your Agency’s commission fee?
Answer: Our avg Agency commission fee is variable based dependent on multiple factors such as whether or not tutor offers discount packages or not, whether or not tutor worked for more than 50 or 100 hours. If you offer tutoring packages our commission rate is 25%, if you do not it’s 30%, but because we provide % match to be deducted from the amount student would pay and because we give raises to tutors based on the number of hours they worked for us, our agency fee can range from 12% to 30%, with avg commission approximately 15% much lower than any other agency.
Am I guaranteed to get students?
Answer: No we do not guarantee that you will get students from us. However by working with us there is a far greater chance to be connected with the student especially if you are in Westchester or Fairfield County, since this is our major area where we offer our Tutoring Services in.
What can I do to increase my chances of landing successful student match?
Answer: Ensure that you have completely filled up your tutoring profile, showing things like diagnostic tests, text or video tutorials of the subjects you specialize in, provide detailed about me information, offer discount packages, offer free trial tutoring session, include picture of yourself and introductory video of yourself, include teaching certificate, or any other professional certificates. Include as much information as possible in your profile to ensure that you have the highest Tutor Rank in your subject. The higher your Tutor Rank is… the higher in search results you would show up on our website in comparison to other tutoring candidates, the more you can differentiate yourself from other candidates.

Students can compare our tutors side by side and see exactly what each tutor offers and can quickly jump to conclusion who they should bother contacting and who they should not contact. The more information you provide the more chances that you will be contacted by the student.
What happens if I do get contacted by the student through my tutoring profile page?
Answer: You can communicate with the student discus scheduling and availability or answer any other questions, but we ask you not to exchange any personal information with the student and request student to contact the agency Tutoring Services, LLC if student requests your personal contact info.
What happens if I communicate with the student who contacted me through CallMyTutor.COM site directly and try to avoid tutoring agency fee all together?
Answer: This can be considered breach of our terms and conditions and your profile will be removed from our website, plus you will be denied from any other network of Tutoring Services sites that we have under our umbrella of sites, plus any other lawful actions can be taken against you in a court of law for attempting to defraud Tutoring Services, LLC agency if we have evidence of you working directly with the student that we referred you.

Additionally your specific profile information including cause for termination and exact reason for termination of your employment with Tutoring Services, LLC will be displayed for other tutoring services agencies to see upon their request of your background check and upon tutor's approval. Thanks to our Propriatory Tutor Background Check System, any tutoring services agency may run background check on you the tutor, prior to hiring you as the tutor on our website, dependent on what agency discovers may cause such agency or agencies to deny your application for employment, minimizing your chances of landing a tutoring job in the entire Tutoring Industry alltogeher.

If you plan on working with students directly and not willing to pay tutoring agency fee, then please register on our sister site TutoringServices.COM allowing you to become registered independent tutor and work without any tutoring agency comission fees. However if you are interested in employment as independent contractor working for comission based agency visit us and register as Tutoring Services, LLC employed tutor. Once again we do not deny you from registering on both sites TutoringServices.COM and CallMyTutor.COM and receive student leads from both places.
What is the purpose behind our propitiatory tutor background check system?
Answer: When you are registered to work for Tutoring Services, LLC as independent contractor, your interaction with the student in the form of personal information gets recorded for quality assurance and for the purposes of providing any other tutoring services agency who requests background check on your name to see whether or not they should hire you to work for their tutoring agency. This makes us the only agency in the tutoring industry who can offer this type of service to tutoring agencies, reducing the chances of tutoring agency working with the tutor with bad background check information, minimizing the chances of agency's not making money, increasing the chances and willingness to work with the tutors who do have clean background checks and reducing the chances of tutors attempting to work directly with the students avoiding agency's fee.

When signing up as a tutor registered to work as independent contractor for Tutoring Services, LLC, we reserve the right to present background check employment information about tutor to other Tutoring Agencies on our website BackgroundCheckOnline.COM upon any agency who chooses to run background check on the tutor.
Do we pass any of tutor's personal information to other tutoring agencies?
Answer: Yes only if any other tutoring agency requests to run background check on you prior to hiring you to work for them and pays for it, tutoring agencies can verify tutor's background on our BackgroundCheckOnline.COM website and would only get tutor's background check information revealed, if we receive email verification confirmation from you the tutor agreeing for us to reveal your background check information to the agency upon agency's request

If you do not approve to reveal your background check information to the agency by email, then we will not reveal it and will notify the agency that tutor chose not to reveal his background check info, in which case Tutoring Agency who requested background check from you may or may not reserve the right to deny your employment, dependent on agency's terms and conditions for which you are getting employed with.
What type of information will be revealed to tutoring agency who requests background check on the tutor?
Answer: Date of Registration with Tutoring Services, LLC. Picture of the Tutor/Introductory Video of the tutor. Name of the tutor first name and last name, Number of times new student was referred to tutor, and number of times match happened between tutor and the student through the Tutoring Services, LLC agency where Tutoring Services, LLC confirms receiving payment from the student. Number of times on record showing tutor exchanging personal information with the student without agency's consent. Number of student testimonials/reviews. Detailed review from each student in the form of star ratings text or video if available. Tutor's ratings per subject, overall tutor's rating score. Current Status, whether or not tutor is still working as independent contractor for Tutoring Services, LLC or No Longer Employed. If Tutor is no Longer Employed, then we would reveal the cause why tutor is not employed and detailed description from Tutoring Services, LLC indicating the reason why tutor is no longer employed with us.

Cause for not being employed with Tutoring Services, LLC can be as follows:

Terminated Due to Breach of Contract:

Reason: Tutoring Services, LLC was notified by the student parent who Tutoring Services, LLC referred to the tutor, stating that the tutor was working with the student directly or indicated any other information which pertains to student working directly with the tutor directly without agency's awareness.

Reason: Tutoring Services, LLC contacted the student to verify how the tutoring session went between student and in over 3 match making cases student indicated that they either found another tutor and no longer interested or openly declared that they agreed to work with the tutor directly and will no longer need agency's services.

Reason: Other (in the form of text explaining why tutor's employment was terminated)

Resigned Due to Personal Reasons:
What if I by accident reveal personal information to the student prior to student purchasing any tutoring packages?
Answer: You will get 2 warnings, after which point, if it still continues your profile will be removed from our system.
Who Pays Agency fee?
Answer: Student pays agency fee when purchasing tutoring packages, which gets added on top of whatever hourly rate tutor specifies in their profile minus agency’s incentive fees.
Why does Tutoring Services, LLC have an agency fee?
Answer: Agency fee is there so we can market our tutors in relevant sections of our sites, and make match making experience more pleasant for the student. Unfortunately to maintain our business and to provide quality service to our students and tutors we must collect payment, to cover marketing costs, to cover server costs and administrative resources costs.
I do not like agency commission fee that limits my ability to show higher tutoring rate, because I have to consider taxes and agency fee it’s just too much for me what can I do?
Answer: Since we are Tutoring Agency we obviously do not let you communicate with students directly unless student goes through us, and agency fee is a must, however if you do offer referrals for us we can knock down that fee slightly lower dependent on how many referrals you can provide.
Can I work with the Tutoring Services, LLC not based on commission?
Answer: Yes you can register on one of our sister sites called TutoringServices.COM where we allow tutors to register as independent tutors and not charging tutors any agency commission fees, tutors can register on TutoringServices.COM or even entire proprietary network of hub and spoke sites relevant to the subject you tutor free of charge and get student leads that way. Profile Limitations do apply and premium member options are available in such case. For more details visit TutoringServices.COM
Can I work for other agency if I also work for Tutoring Services, LLC?
Answer: In comparison to other Tutoring Agencies, we do not force our students to pick sides. We realize that the goal of the tutor is to register in as many Tutoring Agency sites as possible to make the most money. In fact you can work for Tutoring Services, LLC registered on our site and at the same time also be registered on our other sister website as an independent tutor and get student leads from that site as well.
Are there any other sites offered by Tutoring Services, LLC which can help me market my tutoring profile?
Answer: Yes, we have proprietary hub and spoke network of sites such as,, ChemistryTutors.NET, PhysicsTutors.NET, other sites tailored specifically to drive your marketing presence on the internet and increasing your student search results. Visit our sister site TutoringServices.COM for more details.
What makes Tutoring Services, LLC different from other agencies?
Answer: We offer unique match making platform that makes match making experience for the student and tutor easily realized, we have been in business since 2008 working as non-profit organization for over 6 years and now entering private match making tutoring business to help us reduce expenses and improve tutoring match making. Our marketing is very aggressive, especially in the areas of Westchester and Fairfield County. We are not just a Tutoring Agency, but we also happen to be an Educational company, offering study guide resources to educators trying to become certified teachers in the state of CT and NY, visit our website StudyGuide.NET.

We have solid online presence and proprietary network of Tutoring Sites tailored specifically to address supply and demand criteria for both students and tutors. We have social media presence, for math tutors visit us on and have variety of local tutoring sites specifically all around Westchester and Fairfield County working together side by side, getting students and getting tutors to sign up on our website.

Our tutors get displayed on our proprietary network of sites where parents can find them, sites like RateMySchool.NET, StudyGuide.NET, Homework-Help.NET, UsedCollegeBooks.NET and many others. We offer more chances for individual tutors to make money than simply be one of 100s of tutors shown on some other agency’s page and not be ever contacted.

Additionally we work closely with Teachers and school districts in state of NY and CT to help school teachers find tutoring jobs.