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Residing in Fairfield County or in any of the following cities Stamford, Norwalk, Darien, Greenwich, Trumbull, New Canaan, Westport?

Ever wanted to build the electronic device?  Or create your own prototype that can simplify work around your household?  For example, have you ever wanted to create your own electronic WIFI device that gathers temperature around the house or measures carbon monoxide or perhaps measures water flow for your garden or anything else that is around your house that you want to measure on a constant basis?

One interesting tactic to learn concepts of electronic circuits is by attempting to build one electronic circuit your self.  Of course creating electronic circuit your self in Fairfield County CT is a boring task unless of course, you have someone who is there to help you learn how to create your own electronic circuit board. Luckily our company Tutoring Services, LLC can help students in Fairfield County learn the gist of the technology surrounding the creation of PCB circuits or any other type of DIY device.  

How can Tutoring Services, LLC help students in Norwalk, Darien, Stamford Greenwich, Westport, New Canaan and other surrounding cities grasp complicated concepts of creating your own printed circuit boards, or help students  come up with the design for their own IoT device or build their your own electronic device that does something useful around the house?

We can help by match making Fairfield County students (such as yourself) with the right type of IoT CT tutors.

Our company can help students get matched with the CT tutor who understands mathematics and concepts behind basic coding and electrical circuits.  Someone who knows concepts of Arduino or Raspberry Pi or any other micro controller type of circuits.  Someone who can connect the dots, someone who can network logical and physical pieces together.

Advantages of hiring IoT Knowledgeable Fairfield County Tutors 

The great advantage of hiring local CT tutor who knows how to solder electrical pieces together is the fact that this will help students save a lot of time attempting to learn complicated micro controller programming functions on their own.  Soldering printed circuit board and programming micro controllers are a distinct level of skills.  Finding the right type of tutor who is well versed in multiple skills is difficult to find.  Which is why our company Tutoring Services, LLC simplifies the job of finding such type of tutors.  

Remember when dealing with circuit boards and electronics it's easy to give up, with the right tutor matched with the CT student process of learning can be extremely motivating.  Think of our CT local IoT/Electronic/Programming tutors as the type of networking gurus, someone who managed to connect the dots in their mind for how to interact with technology.   Connecting the dots is the tough skill to learn, not that many students in Fairfield County CT know how to connect the dots, our instructors can help students connect the dots.

So what are the dots in the world of Electronic circuits, IoT and Do It Your Self-types of devices?

Here is the quick list.

  • Coming up with the idea for creation of  your own DIY electronic device
  • Electronic Parts sourcing
  • Designing your own PCB
  • Building Your Own Electronic BreadBoard
  • Creating Your Own ProtoType 3d Box
  • Shrinking your PCB Board
  • Finding Manufacturers to help you build it
  • Marketing your own device

Many of these topics our instructors can teach.  



What does it mean to build your own electronic board?

That means to literally design the sketch, based on the prototype that you created for the purpose of going main stream in the creation of many devices.  

How on earth can Tutoring Services, LLC tutors help?

Our instructors are either engineers, or Binary Fusion consultants, or carefully picked by Tutoring Services, LLC subject matter experts.

What is Binary Fusion, the consultant?

Binary Fusion consultant is the type of consultant who is at the highest skill level across a variety of technical and mathematical topics in comparison to any other tutors that you find on the market in Fairfield County CT.  It's the type of tutor who can connect the dots across many different technical fields.  

This can either mean someone who  can connect the dots either at programming level across different languages or someone who can connect the dots at marketing level across different marketing media channels or someone who knows how to operate across entire stack of technologies, starting from the lowest physical layer all the way up to application layer and everything in between.

For example, to create your own electronic device using Arduino, it takes the following skills.

  1. Microcontroller programming 
  2. Electronic Concepts knowledge (Physics and Math)
  3. Capacitance, resistance, continuity etc
  4. Sensor parts usage
  5. Modifications of breadboard based on your need
  6. 3d printing to create your own case enclosure.
  7. OLED LCD knowledge integration etc.

That is a lot of concepts to know and understand.  Doing so on your own can be frustrating, with the help of the local CT tutor, it can be fun!  Plus in many case out tutors can teach students math, helping students do better in school and stay motivated. 

How does the process of match making work?

Step 1. Contact Us

The process of match making is simple, you contact us either from student registration form or through the right bottom corner real time chat icon or by calling us on the phone at the top right corner or emailing to  

Step 2. Tell us you need IoT or Electronics knowledgeable Tutor who can help your son or daughter or yourself learn new concepts of DIY circuitry and help you create your own device for your home or business.

Our CT IoT Arduino Tutors visit students directly at their homes in Fairfield County CT.