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Prepare with the help of a computer IT network consultant in CCNA, CCNP, CCIE Routing and Switching test in Trumbull, Milford, Stratford, or even nearby cities of Westchester and Fairfield County such as Stamford, Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Westport, Fairfield CT. Our training is designed to provide top quality test prep methodology in computer networking and can be great supplemental opportunity for High School or College Students who are interested in becoming Cisco Engineers or IT professionals, but not motivated enough to get the proper training completed on their own, that’s where we come into play.

What type of Computer Specialization tracks covered in our training program for IT Professionals in Fairfield County CT, Trumbull, Stratford, Bridgeport and Milford

  • IT Infrastructure track
  • Development track
  • Project Management track

In IT infrastructure track we prepare students for Cisco Networking, Network Security, Web Security, Virtualization, Backup, Messaging security, building basic installations of Operating systems in virtual environments plus more.

In Development specialization we prepare students for, SQL database administration, LAMP, programming languages such as PHP. Our students are assigned development project; this project can involve anything from preparation of Intranet portal, to custom based educational application App.

In IT Project Management track we prepare students for PMP, ITIL, Microsoft Project certification tests as well as prepare students with real life and simulated projects. We offer in home lectures, where our Project Management instructor can come directly to your home and explain you difficult concepts face to face. Our multiple track specialization instructors can meet students in Darien, Greenwich, Stamford, Trumbull, Milford, New Haven, Hamden, White Plains, New Rochelle and other areas of Westchester County NY as well as nearby areas of Fairfield County CT including cities of Westport, New Canaan and even Norwalk CT.

How we are different from other IT Network Training Providers in Fairfield Count Connecticut and surrounding cities of Milford, Bridgeport, Stratford

  • We have the most affordable prices in the entire industry!
  • We are in both sectors IT networking and Educational Industry.
  • Our Computer Instructors are CCIE/CCNA/CCNP Certified.
  • We don’t just teach Cisco, we can teach Checkpoint, Network Security, Power Point, Word, etc…
  • We don’t just help you prepare for the test we help; we prepare you for the job interview.
  • We even help you find the right IT job suitable for you.
  • We offer hands on Training not just boring lectures.
  • We offer Internship opportunities to qualified candidates through our NetworkConsultant.NET site!
  • We prepare students in the field of IT Networking online or locally in CT area directly at your home.
  • We offer Cisco Test Prep Program around flexible hours Part Time.
  • We help you break the conundrum of not being able to get a job due not having any experience!
  • We can prepare students not only in Cisco Networking but other IT Entry Level Job Professional industries.
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What Other Computer IT sectors our programs prepare you for?

Our Fairfield County Training Program prepares students towards becoming any of the following.

  • IT Automation Engineer
  • IT Software Assurance Tester
  • IT Help Desk Support Engineer
  • IT Desktop Support Engineer
  • IT Network Engineer
  • IT Network Consultant

Cisco IT Network Training in CT for International Students and Adults!

Are you an international student who just arrived from another country and simply can’t find a job or perhaps adult who needs help in getting better job and simply not satisfied in your current life situation and want to switch jobs from 1 industry to another? Struggling to land a good paying opportunity? Or perhaps you are straight out of college and can’t overcome the conundrum of having no experience and therefore not being able to get a good computer networking job? Why not let Tutoring Services, LLC help you prepare for your CCNA/CCNP or even CCIE R/SW certificate, prepare you for job interview, help you with your resume and send you out in the real world to obtain an entry level position as an IT Professional in CT or NY and not being scared to pass that first interview. We prepare you for your interview, we train you, we encourage you we help you pass your CCNA/CCNP/CCIE Routing and Switching Exam! We use real equipment to train our students, leveraging simulations, videos and practical real life Lab Scenarios in computer networking! We even give you real projects if you qualify for real internship based assignment around area of NY and CT in Westchester and Fairfield county, covering any of the following topics.

  • Web Security/External and Internal Network Penetration and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Netflow Implementation as a hosted model
  • Wireless Site Survey
  • Network Cabling and Network Refresh
  • Remote Site Connectivity and site to site VPN projects
  • Firewall Security with Checkpoint/Cisco
  • Data Backup and Virtualization!
  • Network Monitoring and System Management using Orion SolarWinds!
  • For Full list of Areas we cover visit NetworkConsultant.NET

By studying through our IT Preparation program students gain valuable knowledge and expertise at the convenience of their own home. To prepare students for their Entry Level Network Position we don’t just focus on IT Networking, but also focus on overall computer literacy. More details about our IT Network Training program.

Trying to find a job in NY or CT and become IT Project manager, right out of University/College?

Cisco Training is not the only track that we prepare our students for; we have private instructors who can help you prepare for the following IT Certifications in Fairfield County CT!

  1. ITIL
  2. AGILE
  3. PMP
  4. Microsoft Project

We have certified ITIL, PMP and Agile instructors in the areas of Greenwich, Darien, Stamford, Wilton, Westport, Rye, Scarsdale, Stratford, Trumbull as well as New Haven, Westchester and Fairfield Counties, who can come directly to your home and train you in project management, Microsoft Project, PMP, Agile work on real tools work with real projects and help you pass your exam and prepare for the interview!

Note that if you want to become serious project manager, chances of becoming one without passing your PMP exam are slim to none, especially if you have no specialization! What we offer is combination of both, training for Project Management and training for core area of expertise in the specialization of IT infrastructure. Our sister site is NetworkConsultant.NET where we offer our IT Consulting services for IT Directors, CIOs and CTOs, in various fields of education, law, financial sector in the areas of NY, CT and NJ. We have exposure to the real world IT infrastructure projects. We use combination of our engineering skills and IT training skills to provide valuable hands on IT certification program for students in Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY.

Looking for other type of Agile study guides and professional training or PMP training in the form of live class on demand or practice test?  If so view our study guide resources for how to prepare for PMP certification exam and pass.  Or Alternatively you can view other PMP study guides and local Fairfield County Tutors in CT. You can also check out top PMP Exam lessons learned here.

Don’t just get Certification, Get Specialization in IT Security, Networking and Project Management! With the help of Tutoring Services, LLC!

We prepare our IT project managers not only by preparing them for IT certification, but giving them experience in the actual real life computer oriented projects as part of their internship, that can only be offered to the limited number of students! However, that is not all; our program prepares students not only for Project Management certification but also offers experience opportunities! And prepares IT project managers with specialization in IT infrastructure! Meaning you will get to manage actual IT Project that needs to be executed, and needs to be coordinated with the real people, real engineers, real customers! Clearly prior to such opportunity being given to any1 in IT Project Management field, simulated projects would be covered. Pre-requisite specialization IT Networking Training program would have to be done with minimum CCNA certification earned, because face it, without concrete specialization in specific field, chances of becoming Project Manager are slim to none.

Here are the key points that Employers are looking for in Project Manager.

  1. Certificates
  2. Experience in Project Management
  3. Education such as College
  4. Specialization

We got your covered for point 1 through 4, within exception of Education such as College, that is something we expect our students to have prior to applying for our Project Management program.

Trying to find a Database Admin Job?

Our training program is taught by SQL and PHP instructors who can help you understand complex nature of tables, queries and other things that you may think you know, but in reality need serious help to get to know it in such a way that you can actually land a job. We have training availability not only for SQL and Oracle students, but also for PHP developers who are trying to gain practical experience, and perhaps already know partially some programming languages but simply can’t put it all together to produce something meaningful, and need help in getting a development job.

We take Web/Development and Design seriously here is our sites that we developed!


  • UsedCollegeBooks.NET


  • NetworkConsultant.NET

  • RateMySchool.NET


  • StudyGuide.NET

These are real sites with real objectives and real goals, and we are looking for students who are willing to be trained in web development track and be willing to work on development projects that we already have started. Note that all the development projects that we have done so far are not for someone else, but for our own organization. Every other training provider that you will find, will only show you how to create sites for someone else, but how can you trust someone if they never even created more than 1 website for themselves? The answer is you cannot.

Join us for development certification track and we will help you get the experience, pass the job interview, beef up your resume and give you the actual projects to work on! Try finding that anywhere on the internet! Best of all students who demonstrate their expertise can work for Tutoring Services, LLC directly as interns!

Training that we offer include

  • Custom CMS development
  • Portal Development
  • Joomla/Wordpress
  • PHP

We help our students gain practical experience in using real life tools that can assist in development cycle process!

Project Management Tools we use

  • Jira
  • Confluence

Visit our site ProjectBoard.ORG to see which tools we use!

Visit our site ProjectBoard.ORG to see which tools we use!

Not Advanced Computer User? No problem we can train you!

If you are not advanced Computer User we help you get on your track by preparing you with the following courses. Simply let us know what subject you are struggling the most and we can help you by match making you with the instructor who can help you get better and become more computer literate! Parents and Adult students contact us from the phone number at the top right corner to schedule your training session Today in Fairfield County CT.

Basic IT Professional Entry Level Courses we offer!

  • Computer Programming 101
  • Software Automation 101
  • Computer Networking 101
  • Server Support 101
  • Desktop Support 101
  • Desktop Publishing 101
  • Advanced Proto-Typing