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Best LSAT Test Prep for your money can buy!

Trying to enter law school?  We realize preparing for your LSAT exam can be very difficult, and that is why we created this site to help you prepare for your test.  With the inter-combinations of flash cards, study materials, reviews, test prep resources and even local and online tutors you can prepare for your exam with the highest level of learning effectiveness.

 best way to prepare for lsat exam

 Start studying for LSAT as early as possible and study the best way

Ideally if you want to start studying for your LSAT exam, don't wait till the end of your undergraduate studies, begin preparing for as far out as from high school days.  Some tests such SAT typically follow similar pattern focusing on admission criteria for students entering undergraduate school, however doing well on SAT doesn't necessarily mean that you do well on LSAT.  It helps, but LSAT is not SAT.  It's different test that requires special tactics for you to study from, sections covered on LSAT exam are logical and analytical reasoning, reading comprehension.   Starting your test preparation journey ahead and being ready for your LSAT exam.


So how can we help CT students dominate their LSAT exam?

Let us help you chose the right study path for your law school exam.

Study Path 1.  Through Local LSAT tutor in Fairfield County CT area

We Service Fairfield, Straford, Darien, Greenwich, New Haven

Well for starters you can take advantage of a CT ocal tutor who can help you prepare for LSAT exam , to do that simply browse tutors below or if you do not see one contact us and we can help you find one.  Kewl part about is that we are also marketing company meaning if you need a tutor we can help you find one and market your request across our local tutoring network of websites in Westchester, Fairfield County CT and even Bergen County NJ.  What exactly does that mean for you?  That means you get to have the most affordable tutor based on your suggested price, something that you won't find other company offer. 

Now of course if you don't want to work with the help of our agency, and simply prefer to search for LSAT tutor your self without us trying to help you over the phone, then don't hesitate to check out our sister site.   To view reason why you would want to work with the our agency instead rather then trying to search for a tutor on your own check our sister sister LSAT Westchester County tutoring site for more info....  Our tutors can in both locations, Westchester and Fairfield county.

how to study for lsat exam

If you can't find a tutor there be sure to come back to us to see if we can help you search for one locally!  Note there is a difference betwee our agency tutors and tutors that you find on our sister sites.  Agency tutors are verified and reviewed before being sent to any student homes and binded by contract and more responsible then the ones you find on our sister site, plus we pick high quality tutors for our local network. 


However, some students do not like paying agency fee, and want to skip the middle man so we offer that option as well.  Simply because we realize that some students are on the budget and can't afford the agency, even though our comission fee is one of the lowest in comparison to any other companies you find in CT.  Best part about our sister site is that some tutors offer first lesson for $15, giving you opportunity to try before comitting further.  Bad part about it that not all tutors they are reviewed and verified (hence if you don't see any icons saying that they were verified by our Agency that just means the tutor is still questionable), there is no concreate way of telling if they are good for you or not, so take your own chances when hiring someone without leveraging the agency.


With agency in some cases you may end up getting better price deal on your tutor then with independent tutors on our sister site, simply because... our local tutors have incentive of being able to help multiple students and provided opportunity across our entir local network of Westchester and Fairfield County, making it easier for them to make money helping other students by teaching them.  Independent tutors who are registered on our LSAT site don't have such luxury therefore, in reality even with the agency comission fee in some cases we can beat other tutor prices!   Except you would actually get better service going through agency then trying to strike on your own.  This would not be possible if we didn't have network of Tutotring Sites that we have now.  If want agency managed tutor simply contact us by phone at the top right corner.


Study Path 2.  Through additional online LSAT supplementary materials in the form of online courses, tutors and more from variety of test prep vendors

best way to prepare for LSAT


We are all about helping students chose their proper LSAT study paths.  The study path you take matters.  If you are looking for LSAT course in CT Greenwich, Darien, Norwalk, Milford, Bridgeport, Stratford, Danbury, or any other areas of Fairfield County CT and nearby counties such as New Haven, that is also an option,  however we Tutoring Services, LLC  do not have local office, our partners, to save costs and make it possible for you to get more affordable tutor.  Note LSAT tutors are not just random joes off the street (this is what you typically find on the huge tutoring sites who don't verify their tutors there are tons of them! including our own, except in our case we have 2 business models one that where we do verify our tutors and once where we make it optional), they are verified and we make sure they are verified, they can either be existing lawyers or former law school students or somebody who is really a subject matter exper in law school admission process. Browse our LSAT exam  tutors and study guides below

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