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Tutoring Services, LLC helps local businesses in Fairfield, New Haven, Westchester, Bergen County learn marketing and get marketed


Have a brick and mortar office?  Have a local business in Farifeld County CT? 


Stuck in not being able to get clients for your business?  Does your business suffer from not being able to pull in additional revenue?  Are you constantly chasing your tails trying to figure out how to get clients or improve your business processes?  

We have created this service, because we have noticed that lots of businesses in Fairfield, Westchester, New Haven and Bergen county are simply lost and super confused how to market their business not to mention understand and discover what technological tools exist out there to help your business more streamlined.  

Our company Tutoring Services, LLC fusions together education and technology, and consulting to provide this remarkable service available only for Fairfield County area residents and surround conties of Westchester, New Haven and Bergen Counties..

What if we told you there is a service, where an actual person comes to your home or your business location and looks at your business concepts helping you improve your business processes and helping you learn how to get market yourself? What would you have to say about that? Would you be interested in having local tutor arriving to your business and helping you learn something new?  

Or helping you improve in what you currently doing already in your business?  Perhaps you have an accounting software that needs to be carefully thought of in terms of how it can be used, perhaps you have marketing question for how to get more clients, or perhaps you simply need professional and consulting advice for how to strategize your business in such a way that can help you get more client leads, what the case may be we got you covered.  


Have a Business in Fairfield County CT, have you ever considered getting someone absolutely incredible to help you improve your business?


Got stuck doing the same things multiple times?  Feeling like it’s a ground hog day every day? Feel like you want to improve your business model but simply have no one to help you figure it all out?


Perhaps you have a construction business and getting leads, and stuck managing multiple employees all the time and need to break yourself away from the chains that are holding you back of expanding your business further.


Or perhaps you have pool repair business or air conditioner repair business or any other service oriented business in Fairfield County CT that you own and want to expand further, but simply do not know how, or perhaps know how, but not sure what’s is the best way to go about expanding your business further.


Perhaps you know all the details of how to run the business by talking to people, but when it comes to contractual obligations or holding employees accountable for their actions or being able to keep track of your paperwork is the challenge for you.


Or perhaps you are stuck in the non-21st century days of operating your business and want more digital approach (more binary more advanced more innovative), the type of approach that can simplify your daily business operations, the type of approach that can help you tap into informational highway of digital professional business analyst gurus. 


Perhaps there is accounting software that you are not coping well with, or perhaps you are trying to figure out how to present your employees in a way that facilitate communication easier between multiple clients and your employees, or perhaps, you are not sure how to organize your payroll properly or perhaps you are not 100% sure which software to use for payroll and employees, or perhaps your website is so out of date that you simply not sure what you can do to make it better, or perhaps your marketing tactic is so out of date that you are not getting as many clients as you were hoping to get. 


Whatever your business situation maybe, whatever circle you are stuck in, let us help you break away from the chain of old business time consuming habits and infuse your brain with business concepts that you can leverage to improve your business operations.  

Example of business challanges which your business may have and how we can help

Challange #1 Not knowing how to attract client leads.

For example, let’s say you are a small business and not sure how to convert clients or perhaps even get clients, or perhaps communicate with your clients efficiently or perhaps you are not sure how to create a contract or how to brainstorm a contract or perhaps you simply been tied up so much in running your business that you completely skipped entire digital revolution of the internet and stuck far behind the crowd? 

Whichever your case maybe, our company can help you break the chains of your old habits and introduce you to simpler methods to operate your business.

Not knowing how to draft up a contract so you don't get in trouble.


For example, let’s say you own a small business and you are simply trying to learn how to draft up a contract, the contract that you can present to your clients and the contract that can help you defend yourself in the way that no others can defend you…. 

Now of course you may say if I need a contract help, I can go to a lawyer.  However, lawyer would simply charge too much money and would not infuse your brain with information that is pertinent to your overall business development life cycle. 

However, out tutors would be able to help you draft up the contract and show you how to draft one up, in a way that would protect you from liability, obviously you would still need to take that contract to a lawyer, but you wouldn't have to go through the process of business development with the lawyer where you would be getting charged an arm and the leg, and instead would get help from our business and marketing tutors to help you realize what you need to add into your contract, what business dependies you have, what gotchas you have.  


Now lawyer would do something very similar, but lawyer wouldn’t sit down with you and tutor you business development concepts that can help your business evolve further minimize your work load introduce simplified processes and help you take control of your payroll as well as your digital marketing.  

Lawyer would simply see charge you like a robot for the contract write up, with no thought process behind the scenes, of what is really connected to your business, other then looking for ways how to defend you.

 However, contract write up is very similar to business planing having someone who can help you with your contract by tutoring you and helping you with business development lifecycel before taking your contract to lawyer can help you be prepared and organized and feel less stress.


Can tutors who provide business solution brainstorming replace current lawyers?


Our tutors here are not to replace lawyers by no means, but rather fill in the knowledge gap for business owners who are not up to date with the latest and the greatest technology trends that can help them simplify their business operational processes, and can help them also get more client leads.


Can tutors who provide business solution brainstorming replace current accountants?


Our tutors are neither here to replace accountants by no means, instead our tutors are here to sit down with you, look at your operational business processes and provide business consulting advice that can help you maximize return on investment from whatever processes and tasks that you are currently doing, and show you how to use technology to make the use of these business processes simpler.  For example, often we find business owners whose business is simply incompatible with any software out there like QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is extremely not intuitive (that is because it's designed for everyone to use and not for your specific business need... making it in our opinion useless, the goal of QuickBooks was to create business model for them... not for you... business model that can help them... not you specifically not at the level of your business mind set... not at the level of your particular use business cases....

When someone creates a software and you use it.... and it's not for you.... it's useless.... this is what we discovered as we embarked on our journey of figuring out what make sense and what does not, note for some businesses Quickbooks is good and great... but for many it's not.. .and when something is too general and designed for everyone.... the outcome of that is.... it will be difficult to understand how it applies to you... and it's not just QuickBooks but any other software for that matter which was created using generalistic approach)

What if we told you there is a solution to this headache.. and it's not just us selling you the app but creating it for you and with you in such a way that makes sense and teaching you locally or online how to modify your app and use it without you knowing how to code and maximizing your marketing potential?

What if we told you the tutor who shows up at your home or business can sit down with you and help you create your own accounting system using spreadsheets or help you integrate your accounting system with quickbooks (in case if you are using it and want to use it) so it makes more sense for you or break your business processes down for you in regards to what really makes sense to have and what does not make sense to have or track track and instead create special employee tracking spreadsheets related to any of your business processes, then convert your business processes into mobile app while constantly going through the tutoring lessons with you locally in Fairfield County CT teaching you concepts of creating app specifically for your business that can help you make your app more intuitive for your employees or you or your clients to use?  

Confused with what we just said?  Ok let's clarify it a bit more, let's say you are a business in Fairfield County.... let's say you are a moving company as an example... 

Let's say your challange is tracking your clients and getting feedback  and rating from them and tracking how much money your employees get paid, and knowing where your employees are in which particular geographic location, whether they are at the customer location in Farifield County, Westchester, Bergen or New Haven County or not.  

Business use case that we can help with as an example


Let's say you want give an app to your employees to be on the road so they can use use that app on their phones and you have tracking for all that info, you want the app  to be easy and intuitive for the employees to use, this way clients who employees must travel to, and provide moving furniture service are easily shown on google integrated map, where with the push of a button your employee can get direct directions to the client location directly from mobile IPhone or IPADor Andorid Web App, and at the end of the service request client signature with the rating and tip button on the phone.

How would you like something like that, integrated with the help of the local tutor directly at your location and customize it directly for you and show you how to customize the app your self as well in the direction that you can actually track all the data and understand it, and interact with it, because someone like our marketing tutor who is a network consultant  and a tutor combined explains it to you such concepts and helps you create the app with you locally in Fairfield County or online?

Does it matter which business I am in?

It doesn't matter if it's an app for bakery business or restaurant business or any other local Fairfield County business, or even if it's the type of business sort of like moving services business where you must interact with clients from different locations near Fairfield County and need some sort of app created and need help in marketing your self locally.


Now you may say wow, that is interesting concept, but my business is not a moving business and I don't need anything like that.  Well the flexibility that our tutors provide is that they can sit down with you and strategize web app per your business need, without you having to understand insane coding or doing anything crazy IT related and you can be any company it doesn't have to be moving company, this was just an example to help you illustrate what we mean.  

What was just described here is business use case and example for moving company, here is another use case for our own tutoring tracking app that we created and use similar concepts as the moving company app but from our own experiences,  experiences that we had to go through of creating an app.

We can use the very same experiences and replicate them towards other businesses in Fairfiled County, Westchester, Bergen and New Haven counties and even Manhattan NY.

Another App example  for business use case, concepts of which we can use and reuse for your business when creating an app

This is a simple app that we created which makes it easy to track location of students where we send our tutors to.  Many ideas and concepts and services that we offer came from our very own solutions for ourselves.

Tutoring industry is considered one of the most highly competitive marketing industries in the world, in comparison to any other industries, therefore innovation had to be created in order for us to ever get to such level.  

Much of that innovation horizontal marketing companies do not understand (these would be the same guys who call you and say please let me create a site for you, or let me do SEO for you or let me do graphic design for you..useless.... useless.. useless.. companies that you should stay away from unless they are willing to provide full cloud based solution and understand your business need or willing to understand it by having network consultant who is also a tutor dispatched to your location or willing to understand your business online).

Horizontal marketers do not understand that marketing can no be disconnected, simply because they did not bother creating local businesses themselves, and only bothered in doing marketing, but marketing is the type of concept that if it's disconnected from business development and information security and project management it becomes not really effective and frankly speaking useless (unless of course you have someone who is a network consultant who can connect it for you), which is why we precisely fought on multiple fronts and created cloud based solutions that provide both marketing, consulting, tutoring and business solution all in one for other companies at least in our own tutoring industry (but majority of the componenets that we discovered along our journey can be applied towards other industries).  

One example of such cloud solution that we created for tutoring companies we share in the next few paragraphs.  You can read about our cloud marketing and business solution and educational service as an example of what we mean by cloud and check out the reference link that we share you with, to see how we connect education, to service to people, all in 1, cloud solution.

We are creating the fusion of elements, fusion that helps us carry over our knowledge to you based on our journey in our industry.  Having someone in your own industry teach you these concepts is next to impossible, couple of reasons why... (first of all it's hard to find... 2nd of all.. if u do find someone it will probably be your competitor....)

We reuse our knowledge of Cloud and Information Technology and Internet of Things to carry over our services to Fairfield County businesses helping you learn from us

In fact our company even offers cloud service for tutoring companies, where we offer combination of web-site creation, hosted on our servers in the cloud, and provide security, an actual agent who can assist with answering client leads and convert clients, graphics, and marketing all across multiple geographical areas.

The good old days are gone where you just create an app and have people buy it (unless of course you are a risk taker and 100% know that your app will sell, but most of us are not..), business owners in Fairfield County or anywhere else for that matter no longer have the need just for an app, they need to understand how to create one and use it in context of their business or have someone who can help creating it  either locally or online, helping businesses stand out from the competitors and increase their marketing power.    Every single competitive advantage matters in this world of 21st Century.

It's no longer about hiring someone online and asking them to create an app for you and you waisting time and money explaining how you want it only to realize that your app is not even that complex and you didn't need all that complexity in a first place.  Now days it's about sitting down with someone who can look at your numbers, look at your business processes, look at your clients, look at relations, correlations, functions and sub-functions and help you build an app right in front of you and for you and with you.

This is called consulting + tutoring all in 1 (great fusion service).  What our company is doing... here is combining consulting and tutoring all in 1 service for small, and medium businesses in tri-state areas.   

Creating such app for you and teaching you how to use it and showing you how to modify it while also teaching you business concepts of project management, business development lifecycle and marketing is the full solution what businesses really need and not the isolated services that are fully disconnected from one another.

What our company Tutoring Services, LLC provides is that full 360 degrees solution for businesses, starting from business development, marketing and IT consulting all in 1, by match making you with the right type of tutors who can help you with mobile app creation, contract write up, project management training, marketing and can do that either online or directly at your location in Fairfield County CT.  

Hiring one of our Tutors is not the same as hiring a lawyer, accountant, or a teacher.

This is not the same as hiring accountat, or a lawyer... this is hiring Network Consultant, who can bridge (fusion) concepts together, concepts like your clients, your business, technology, marketing and training all in 1, the new breed of future generation.

Businesses need to learn how to adapt to new rules of networking, the rules of networking it's either you wake up or be awaken by your competitors, who do end up using our services and end up dominating their local area niches in both marketing and business development and project management life cycles, instead of you.  

I am greedy I do not need any marketing or business and IT brainstorming local guru

Don't make that mistake, open your self up to informational highway, put the greed aside and hire one of our tutors, we can either match make you with specialized expert or more general expert, who has the mathematical mind and business oriented mind to bridge concepts together.

Think of Network Consultant as doctor, like a general doctor, except general doctor is someone you go to if you are not sure what is going on with your health, and then you get referred to more specialized doctor.  

This is no different Network Consultant is like that General Doctor but for your business, someone who can sit down and analyze what is going on with it and what is wrong and if you are on the right path or wrong path, and provide suggestions or provide recommendation referral to more specialized tutor by letting you know that what you are asking is outside of his/her expertise, in which case you can contact our agency to see if we have more speicialized experts in the area of subject expertise you are looking for.  

Network Consulting is the new field, transformed field from traditional age of Information Technology (we wrote a book about it here), which converted it self from the old day of traditional IT networking and consulting field into new world of networking that no longer deals with just connecting computers together, instead it goes beyond that function and inter-combines multiple people, clients, students, tutors and consultants as well as concepts together and solutions for business related issues, information technology issues, marketing issues, coding and app development issues on local geographical boundaries, helping businesses bring jobs back into their communities, and helping businesses take away chunk of revenue from big horizontal companies who have horizontaly focused based models and can not deviate from their models.   

Not everyone can be marketing expert, IT consultant, business strategist and app developer which is precisely why we offer what we offer because there is a lack of such service in Fairfield County and in many other counties in CT, NY and NJ area

Not everyone can be marketing expert, coding guru, app development guy, business development expert, accountant, lawye and run a company, we realize that.. this is why we created this DBA Binary Fusion service, where we combine our training and consulting together to help you stand out from the crowd.

This type of intercombination of concepts and solutions created new breed of professionals, professionals whose goal is to simplify operational efficiency of businesses, by inter-combining multiple key concepts of marketing, business development and training and consulting together in the cloud.  One such example of Network Consulting field and how it helps Tutoring Businesses for example fusion concepts of business development, training and marketing, app development, graphics, video creation for your services web site building on cloud hosted server and cyber security together.


Who are our IT Network Marketing Consultants and Business experts and App development gurus? 

We pick our tutors carefully and only few who apply to work with us ever make it into our network, this is because we have concept of trust, trust is something that we discuss here.




Most common questions small business owners and medium Fairfield County Business owners should ask themselves

It’s very well possible that you are wasting lots of time on redundant tasks without really ever sitting down and asking your self-questions such as…. Is there a better way to do these tasks? 


What advancements in the digital era of business relevant technical tools and marketing tools or accounting tools have been made that can help my business become more efficient in business operational processes? 


What if there are some IPAD apps that I can use that makes my business easier to run? 


What if there is an easier to represent my employees and my clients in one single location, in such a way that I have eagle eye view perspective.  What if there is way to streamline communication more effectively in such a way that I don’t end up writing emails 100 times for the same conceptual process that I do every day? 


What if there is a way to categorize my most common business processes and get help from someone who can help me brainstorm business and marketing solutions to these common business processes that can help my business become more effective?  


What if there are tools on the internet that is simply more suitable for my business than what I am using now?


What if there was someone who can sit down and analyze many of these business processes with me(Fairfield County Business owner) and help me come up with a more effective approach or solution to handle these processes and teach me how to do it and show me what’s out there, and take me outside of my box and help me tap into the digital informational highway that can help my business get super-charged with positive energy, passion and another chance to improve and become more effective?


The short answer is…. There is…. either one of our agency managed tutors who can help with business brainstorming and development or someone absolutely incredibly who is by many students referred to as modern day age Mark Twain, and that someone is solid business tutor who is well exposed to the conceptual business world, from under multiple angles, starting from project management, law, accounting, marketing, information technology and ending with education, and someone who can infuse information into your brain.


That someone believe it or not is owner of DBA Binary FusionA company powered by Tutoring Services, LLC under umbrella of Tutoring Services, LLC that happens to be all of the things mentioned in this article.  DBA Binary Fusion is a company that was founded by Rome Wells, the visionary educational advocate, information technology professional, math tutor, certified math teacher (cert expiring in 2018)  marketing tutor, IT Engineer, network consultant, author, enthusiast, academic guidance counselor and many other things in between. 


Rome Wells has opened up incredible gateway in his brain to informational digital highway, and wants to give you Fairfield County Business owners, the keys to that informational highway, super charging you in the direction of helping you reduce headaches from managing your Fairfield County business, by carrying over that knowledge and tapping into existing Information Technology of the 21st century and using his innovative technical skills and marketing skills as well as business oriented skills to super charge your Fairfield County Business in the direction of you waking up and taking charge of yourself, taking charge of your clients, taking charge of your employees, taking charge of a way to help your employees help you, taking charge in creating level of trust between you and your employees, taking charge of the greed factor and helping you stay away from that factor, taking charge of brining passion into your life and sparkling the long lasting memories of the days when you first launched your business and taking you in the direction of incredible journey, journey that can help you create your own success, your own futureand can help you be more spiritual business person, and less of greed oriented person, helping you put aside negativity and maximizing positivity for your business, while placing you in the path of motivated and truthful to yourself and others business leader.


Rome Wells has created a powerful network, not only digital network, but network that is capable of bringing people together, network that is capable of bringing jobs, network that brings America closer, network that helps Cyber Crime to be reduced in America, network that helps education stay affordable and network that can power you Fairfield County small or medium business owner, who is simply looking to infuse your brain with concepts, that can help you jump outside of the business box that you are in and help you tap into the informational highway that is all around us,and help you streamline your business and improve your operational efficiency, minimize possibility of failure or liability related issues with your clients, maximize your understanding about marketing and client leadssuper charge your understanding of your books and accounting processes, pay roll and employee management, brokering or match making or anything related to presentation and inter-communication between you and your employees and your clients, while super-charging your brain with valuable educational information in the form of  1 on 1 or small group tutoring session directly in your office or your home, giving you the power to break the chains of being stuck in your own business world and motivating you to succeed with your business strategy.


So how can I reserve Rome Wells or his business tutors who can help me with my business and tutor me with new life hacking tools that exists that can help my business get streamlined and maximize it’s effectiveness?


The answer is easy, contact by the phone at the top right corner or by responding to chat icon on the bottom right corner.  Rome Wells can sit down with any Fairfield County Business owner, and fast forward your through majority of your business process life cycles, focus on the area of your weak links and infuse business solutions that can help you combat these weak links either in the form of consulting recommendations, or in the form of knowledge transfers presented directly to you in front of your computer in your home.


What other business owners who were tutored by Rome Wells say about Rome Wells?


Review from Fairfield County Business owner


I asked Rome Wells to help my husband with accounting software and help my husband understand concepts of payroll and employees, but what I got instead was something completely incredible.


My husband told Rome Wells that his knowledge of business management aspect was very limited and that his partner was handling most of the paperwork and business contracts.  My husband told Rome Wells, that he wanted to learn more about the business management aspect and payroll.


Rome Wells, provided tutoring lesson for me and my husband, and he didn’t just talk about accounting software, but extracted the construction business thought process from what was going on in my husband’s mind by asking him variety of questions and taking him through brainstorming process, at the end of brainstorming process Rome Wells, provided a lot of digital business solution examples that extremely motivated my husband to push his business sense further and be receptive of using business solution examples that Rome Wells presented during his lesson. 


My husband was impressed with the level of simplification Rome Wells introduced simply by holding simple conversation and asking the right type of questions that were extremely relevant to my construction business (even though construction business is not something that Rome Wells was involved in which he admitted to in the process of tutoring, but still managed to stream line logical business though processes in the direction of helping my husband simplify his workload) 


Additionally Rome Wells even also offered a way to teach me how to sell products on Amazon and make money as a part time hobby, after my full time nursing job, I definitely will be scheduling lesson for Amazon marketing lesson with Rome Wells, in addition to him tutoring my husband further business process simplifications as well as also teaching my daughter basic concepts of coding (which is something that my daughter enjoys learning)


Surprisingly Rome Wells was able to connect to my nursing job, and anything came out from his tutoring lesson was just somehow all connected to both me being a nurse and my husband who is in construction business.


 I asked Rome Wells if he prepared entire lecture before he showed up in our home, and how does he know all of these things that related to my nursing industry and my husband’s business challenges and how can he connect like this logically?


He stated that he only spent 5 mins right before tutoring lesson took place to watch QuickBooks tutorial video on YouTube before showing up for tutoring lesson at our home, and majority of the lesson was driven purely based on his overall journey and experiences that he encountered.  In the mix of the lessons he was showing his examples of marketing in Fairfield County and other locations in nearby area of Fairfield County describing how it all works, and making it extremely motivating. 


He also provided homework for my husband with exact recommendations what needs to be done next for his business and what he needs to learn and even provided links to his own websites (which I simply couldn’t believe was happening, it’s as if entire lesson s was prepared ahead, except it was really not, but then Rome Wells explained that he helps many students on the internet picking study materials, and managed to tap into informational highway from multiple industry angles, and it all started making more and more sense as the conversation went on and on.


The way the lesson was handled is by Rome Wells analyzing my husband’s business challenges and presenting solutions to his business challenges in real time while brainstorming, but also providing very motivating examples that simply made both me and my husband realize that there is so many things to learn out there in the 21st century digital Internet modern age of technology, that it literally felt like we were way behind what was happening, while everybody else was ahead). 


Some of the solutions Rome Wells recommended were so simple yet no-body else in construction industry was doing it, this also motivated my husband wanting to learn more and wanting to expand his horizon in knowledge and reduce risk of him not knowing what is going on the other side of the business. 


I was extremely motivated and now all 3 of us me and my husband and my daughter are being tutored by Rome Wells.  The levels of his teaching were absolutely incredible, I honestly with 100 percent confidence say that I have never seen anything remotely near to the style of teaching that he was leveraging, it’s as if he prepared entire lecture ahead of time, except he did not, which makes it absolutely incredible.


My husband is being tutored in business processes improvement in his construction business and  I asked Rome Wells to teach me how to sell products on Amazon and make part time income as a hobby, while my daughter asked for help with setting up new software showing how to code.  Rome Wells explained how he knows so many different things, and motivated our entire family truly to continue wanting to learn more and continue working with him. 


If I had to compare this lesson to any other lesson that I have ever encountered, I would have to say, that it’s like talking to a lawyer, mathematician, project manager, marketer, IT Engineer, psychologist, tutor, spiritual person, and business professional all in 1.


Review was written by Rome Wells on behalf of Family Member of Fairfield County Construction Business owner, Nurse and Fairfield County Parent with approval granted.


local businesses especially the ones who provide some sort of services, that involve traveling to particular location at customer site.

So if that's the case and you do happen to be in business of providing services at customer site where your company happens to be driving to customer premises to perform service whether it’s plumbing, electrical or whatever your business specializes in, where you happen to be delivering your service in customer site in area of Fairfield, Westchester, New Haven or Bergen county, then why not equip yourself and your business with professional marketing tutor who specializes in marketing local businesses, helping local companies increase their competitive advantage and helping local businesses improve their marketing in Tri-State area of CT, NY and NJ in the counties of Fairfield, New Haven, Westchester, and Bergen and get an upper edge?

Marketing Educational Solution for your Business


Our company Tutoring Services, LLC helps local businesses break marketing barrier by educating them how to get client leads, the barrier of helping you overcome marketing challenges by placing your company on the right track., We help with marketing learning centers, dancing studios, training centers, medical, nursing organizations, law, accounting firms or other types professionals LLCs, or trade related services such as plumbing, electrical, air conditioner repair,pool repair home automation, or anything beyond that relates to your company driving to customer premises and delivering services in Fairfield, New Haven, Weschester or Bergen county or even if you are brick and mortar site located locally and need marking help.  

Our educational marketing solutions are extremely for small and medium businesses are unique and consists of services and products designed to help you increase client leads

Solutions that we offer are extremely unique, they are unique simply because no one actually does that in Fairfield County, Westchester and Bergen and New Haven county, and marketing companies that do, are truly not the right type of companies you want to work with, reason is simple.  these companies didn't go through the sweat and tears that our company went through.  We went through variety types of business systems, and marketing strategies and we know how to market.  

We may not be super human, but we can help your company get the sun shine it deserves and no... not based on some useless marketing packages that promise you the world, but don't deliver, but rather instead based on completely different approach.  An approach that is quiet simple if you think about it.  The approach is by educating you (business owner) how to market and by  match making you with the tutor, someone who can help you understand concepts of marketing and train you based on consulting  type of model.  Or alternatively you can learn on your own how to market from self guided resources that we recommend on our site, (some of which are actually our own study resources)  

The reason why this is different from any other solution available on the market is simply because we provide multiple options to help your business find new clients, and such options are practially impossible to pull off unless you are backed up by the local network that is highly relevant to the geographical location where your business happen to be providing services.  So whether you are a pool company providing pool repair services and traveling across Fairfield, Nwe Haven, Westchester, and Bergen counties or another type of company in different sector what interconnects you with us... is our local network of websites strategically designed to power local communities designed by Rome Wells (actual Network Consultant  and many other things in between, who used his brain based on the concepts of networking in information technology and carried over his thoughts of processes and networking into marketing world, you can view this page NetworkConsultant.NET in case you also happen to have IT related questions).  You can learn who Rome Wells is here


Why we are different when it comes to marketing?

Reason is simple we derived our own marketing solutions you can learn more about these solutions here, our marketing solutions are based on targeting specific industries, we use intercombation of special tactics to do that.  These tactics can only be best described by this link, check out this link and see how we use the power of networking to do marketing.  <--- note this is tailored towards local tutoring companies and online test prep companies, but conceptualy can be executed for your industry.  In this link you will see how we share advanced marketing educational weapons, these weapons are not for every type of industry, but many elements can be reused for other industries.

We market not just others but ourselves!  While others marketers simply offer marketing for others!

The question you should ask other marketers who tell you they can market you is.... How can you market for others.... if you don't even market your self? Every marketing company must have a core industry area that they specialize (unfortunately based on what Tutoring Services, LLC has discovered it is absolutely not the case, if it's not the case... it's not as effective and if it's not as effective it's not good for you the business owner and neither is it good for you in terms of getting client leads).  Marketing company must have something that they can show to other businesses as example of their marketing skill sets, and no... not some useless portfolios, but showing actual marketing network, whether it's local network or specific vertical or horizontal type of industry specific synergetically designed network or anything else.

Also marketing companies are in many cases not  so different conceptually from web development companies, who say... they are the best and say... We can develop the website for you.... Once again the question is how can you develop for others... if you do not have any specific websites developed for your self?  These are the type of questions you should be asking web developers or marketers or any company for that manner.  It's also very similar to teaching... how can you teach... what you don't do yourself?  These who can not do teach, these who can not run business do marketing, and these who can not create websites for themselves create it for others.  <---- what is described here is the reality... of this disconnected world.... Our company Tutoring Services, LLC helps companies connect this world together one network at a time.  

We show you actual real world examples, that shows you our skill set

We show you actual real world example how we do it for local tutoring and test prep companies, where we help local and online tutoring companies increase student leads   Similarly using partially the same type of concepts we can reuse it in your industry. Note, we are not sure what your industry is, but what we sure of is that our marketing methods work in our industry, and replicating these methods for you in your industry is something that we can help you achieve.  We can help you achieve more client leads.  We use innovative approach of local networking created by NetworkConsultant.NET DBA Binary Fusion IT consulting company and powered by parent company Tutoring Services, LLC that specializes in educational marketing and education.  

You see while other companies offer you marketing services, we offer you get educated to be able to carry out marketing type of tactics for your business (while simultaneously also offering you marketing services as well but not at the scale of other marketing companies).  You see this is not something easy or intuitive, in fact if you are wondering what it takes to market specific business check our study guide book here, this study guide is tailored towards tutoring businesses, however many elements and solutions that we show in this book can be tailored towards other industry type of businesses.  What we are selling here is not the product, but the truth and for these seeking the truth, of how to do it right. 

Check out our Blog site to view our marketing tactics

In fact why don't you check out blog site here, to see how we literally help educational companies create their own marketing networks.  Similar concepts can be replciated across variety types of industries.  The blog link shared with you shows you how we actually create networks that's right actual business types of networks, and show you concepts for how we actually get students.  This very same concept can be reused for getting clients, (whether these clietns are patients or law clients, or accounting clients or whatever type of clients you name it)   

What truly makes this marketing tutoring service unique for CT NY and NJ area small and medium and large size businesses is the fact that, no single study guide can ever describe every single element of what is needed in being able to effectively market your business.  Simply because every business has different needs, not to mention industry type and other factors.  We realize that, other marketing companies do not realize that, because if they did realize it.... then they wouldn't be creating general marketing study guides that are so general that you end up getting lost in how exactly to market your business.  If Marketers were so great in marketing then they would be creating not some sort of general types of study guides that only confuse business owners of where to start or how to start, but would create actual study guides for specific industry type of businesses in marketing, yet there is no such marketing companies...



Why is that? 

Reason is simple... it's in marketing company's nature just like in any human being's nature to do less and get more....  Well this is wrong!   Maybe it's not wrong for marketerer but it's wrong absolutely wrong for the business owner!   Business owner expects knowledge and expects to get value from marketing not just some general study guide that talks about how to market your business without going deep into the actual industry!  That is not to say that such general types of study guides are bad to read... Tutoring Services, LLC is not saying that.... what we are saying here is... there are more effective ways then just reading highly general content about how to market your business.   

Now what are these effective ways?  One way is to actually get a tutor, someone who you wouldn't feel bad about marketing output results, and someone who you would treat just like you would treat a teacher, in a way where you get the value in marketing from learning marketing concepts from a marketing tutor on consulting type basis.   Consulting and Tutoring are very similar yet 2 different concepts, tutoring concept is where you learn from a tutor and have no expectation from the tutor on the outcome of your results, the only result you can expect are results based on your overall ability to learn.  Tutoring is less stressful then consulting based marketing approach. 

Consulting approach is where tutor goes deep into the concepts of your business and provides advice and teaches what he/she knows and tailors what he/she knows for your business and provides advice how to improve it, in the direction of helping your business achieve particular goal.  In both cases time spent on consulting and or tutoring is the time spent by your business to learning new concepts, time that can help you break the general type of marketing barrier and help you cross the gap from not knowing to knowing how to market your business more effectively.

What other marketing companies are doing wrong... Other marketing companies simply try to sell you packages of some sort.  Marketing is not something that you can categorize and sell, unless of course you know industry really well, however that is that not the case with most marketing companies.  Their business model is general type of horizontal level thinking, not narrow and deep level of thinking that is tailored towards specific industry.  When you get a tutor from us you get that level of narrow thinking that level of narrow thinking that can help your business get marketed more effectively and using our general based type of marketing study guides and examples of how marketing in done in narrow based field industries in different fields, will super charge your local tri-state area business in the right direction, helping you increase your chances of landing new client leads.



So what does typical  business have to do?

Well you can either 1 let us help you, or simply go and read our blog here and see for your self our marketing skills in specific industry, then decide if we are the right pick for your business or not If after reading the blog you are not convinced about our marketing skills then you have nothing to lose other then to learn free information that can help your business grow anyway . 

Who can help me to market my local business in CT NY and NJ in the selected 4 counties?

Local tutor or online or inter-combination of both + the study guide + any other marketing study guides that you find on our site to help you get ahead.


What type of businesses we can help get marketed or learn about marketing?



I am a local learning center will this work for me?


I am a tutoring company will this work for me?


I am a pool service company will this work for me?


I am air conditioner repair company will this work for me?


I am a heat and plumbing company will this work for me?


I am electrical company will this work for me?


I am construction company will this work for me?


I am law firm will this work for me?


I am health clinic will this work for me?


I am dental office will this work for me?


I am IT consulting company will this work for me?


I am learning cener will this work for me?


I am moving service will this work for me?


I am teacher will this work for me?


I am professor will this for me ?


I am Athletic training center will this work for me?


I am a dance studio will this work for me?


I am company who specializes in match making nurses for elderly people or pet care or other home related services.


Note for brick and mortar sites marketing is indeed a bit different in comparison to... companies who deliver service to customers in tri-state area.... in fact it's a lot different.  Although our company can help you get matched with the tutor and our study guides can help as well, do not expect miracles.  This is not a miracle service, marketing is hard work, developing long term strategy is the key.

How exactly can Tutoring Services, LLC help my company get marketed or learn about marketing helping your business increase client  leads?


We have 4 Marketing options for you or your small, medium or large size business.

Depending on the industry you are in some options maybe better than the others. 


Option 1.  Get Local Marketing Tutor

Get a marketing tutor who specializes in local marketing.  Someone who can sit down with you evaluates your business and your marketing strategy, and provides suggestions and recommendations for how you can improve your client exposure. 

Whether you are in law, medical field, accounting, nursing, plumbing information technology,, boat repair, mechanic shop, or any other type of service delivery specialists whose business addresses needs of local community, our tutors can help.



Who is our marketing tutors? 

Our marketing tutors are data scientists, engineers, former math teachers or other type of professionals, in the world of business, information security professionals, project management aspirants, or someone who simply knows concepts of marketing really well, and  happen to be simply digital world ninjas.  You see we enroll into our network, really smart ninjas, either really insanely smart people (or close to the border of being insane) authors, professors or the type of professionals who know their marketing concrete.  Note finding marketer... is impossible... task... especially someone who can go directly to your home... in some cases we must recruit marketers to do that... we do not guarantee that you will end up with local marketer and that we have them nicely available for you. We have some but not a lot.   Actual marketers who are really good typically don't work for anyone.... and it's difficult to find such people, but when we do recruit the right type of people with marketing in business degrees these are the type of people who can make the difference in helping your business improve marketing wise and help you increase your client leads.  When we do find good marketing people we ask them to join us, we don't enroll any1 into our network unless they are trusted.  To gain onto our network is very difficult, you can check our requirements here.

The chosen few agency managed tutors who do get onto our network are the ones we match make with businesses.  

Option 2.  Get Local Marketing Tutor + Online supplementary marketing tutor.

Local marketing tutor can get you on the right path, by sitting down with you analyzing your business marketing strategy and your business and providing suggestions.  Online tutor is someone who our agency pre-scribes to you based on the feedback we receive from the local tutor about your business. 

Local tutor reports back to us with the finding about your business and marketing recommendations and suggestions local tutor provided to your local business, and our agency assigns online supplementary marketing tutor who is more affordable than local tutor and who meets with you weekly or bi-weekly to ensure that you are following local tutor recommended strategies. 

Think of this concept similar to doctor, where local tutor is like a doctor, who pre-scribes prescription to the patient, i.e you the business owner of Fairfield County, Westchester, New Haven or Bergen County.  Agency (prescription that describes strategies that need to be executed by the online tutor)   Online tutor is like a nurse assistant who helps doctors, except in nurse case, nurse helps patient to recover and doctor helps patient also to recover, in both cases there is a purpose helping patient to recover, so this way patient can go on with their life.  In this case local marketing tutor and online marketing tutor are like doctor and a nurse in similar fashion. 

Where local marketing tutor prescribes to the business owner, marketing strategy to follow and online supplementary tutor follows up with business owner on weekly or bi-weekly basis (flexible for both client and tutor based on purchased tutoring discount packages client buys)  to ensure that the prescribed strategy is followed.    Client may additionally further meet with local tutor as well (at flexible time based on tutoring discount packages purchased) to discuss further business strategies and modify the marketing strategy accordingly.  Online supplementary tutor may occasionally refer you back to the local marketing tutor by first notifying the agency and agency notifying local marketing tutor. 



Option 3.  Study Marketing on your own

Study from self-guided marketing resources, on your own visit for more info

Option 4.   Purchase advertisement on our network

Purchase advertisement placement for your business on our network of sites in CT , NY and NJ  Reserve a spot today, in relevant sections of our sites, helping you compete against your competitors and get ahead. 

2 ways to advertise, based on incentive model where you give us percentage for every client we refer, and we charge you less for advertisement, or you do not give us any percentage from each client lead and we charge you more for advertisement.    2 flexible options, helping local business strive vs their competitors.

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