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Prepare for your College SAT Math or English Exam with our academic college admission experts and local tutors.

If you are looking for SAT test prep in Fairfield County area you came to the right place. Our company specializes in match making SAT test prep experts and customized SAT test prep for High school grade level students who need help in SAT Math or English portion of the test.

If you graduated high school and simply need help in getting into college and in the process of preparing for SAT test but simply not sure how to tackle it then contact our company Tutoring Services, LLC.   We offer Tutoring Services in the following cities, Fairfield, Milford, Darien, Greenwich, Stamford, Westport, New Canaan cities and nearby counties including New Haven County and Westchester County. Simply view tutors shown below and see which one you like, our tutors offer profiles of themselves. If you are interested in becoming a tutor please apply.


Math and English Prep section of SAT Test Help for High School students in Westport | Greenwich | Darien | Milford | Stratford

We help students not only in SAT Math and English portion of the test but also prepare students with college essay prep and other academic subjects including major math and sciences subjects such as Chemistry, AP, Organic, Inorganic, biology, physics and many others. Additionally we help students prepare for SAT Subject tests. Some colleges may require students to pass one or multiple SAT subject tests dependent on which college you are trying to apply. Our team of subject matter experts can help you prepare for your exam efficiently.


Increase your chance of getting scholarship by passing PSAT

In addition to SAT prep we offer PSAT test preparation help for students who take this test in their junior year of high school. With a high score, students can be one of the 9000 national merit scholarship winners or be qualified for other college scholarships. We have subject matter experts who can help with PSAT test prep. Other entrance exams that we also help with include ISEE, HSPT, Regents in case if you are in NY. We also prepare students for LSAT exam as well and have variety of study guides to choose from in the form of flash cards and exam secrets.


SAT alternative strategy for Bilingual Students and TOEFL prep in Fairfield County CT

We also prepare students for other similar tests to SAT, especially bilingual students who do poorly on SAT, where some colleges may require such students to take TOEFL test and still get into college with poor SAT scores, while leveraging TOEFL scores into consideration during college application process. We have subject matter experts who can prepare such students in TOEFL also. Bilingual students may still require taking SAT dependent on college requirements, but with our help we can get even bilingual students to achieve acceptable college score.


College SAT Test Prep with the help of Affordable Textbook sold by Students Directly in Nearby Schools in CT

Academic SAT test prep is not the only subject that we offer help with. We realize education should be affordable even for students who can’t afford their own tutor, which is why our company Tutoring Services, LLC is going green by allowing students to buy or sell SAT textbooks directly from one another in their own school. Alternatively students can purchase SAT used textbooks online from cheapest bookstores or simply rent books for fraction of the cost. We do that to help students afford education and be able to still study on their own terms at their own time without having to hire private SAT subject matter expert. We are not only about education but also about environment help us save environment and stay green by reusing your books.



Save on your SAT books today!

So why not check out SAT books that we offer and decide for yourself which one you need and save money or even make money by selling your own book directly to other students avoiding the middle man and expensive shipping costs. Our platform allows students to sell SAT books to each other directly in your own school.


Preparing for SAT’s applying for college? Which school are you applying? How well rated is your school or your teacher/professor?

We are all about offering choices for students and information that can help students chose the right path in their career, which is why we created a website inviting students and parents, colleges and universities, professors and teachers to review school ratings and rate other schools, colleges and universities. Search for your local school in Fairfield County and see what other people say or offer your own rating. Don’t just send your child to school that you know nothing about, see what other says.




Don’t have money for Private SAT Math or English expert, why not get help from online expert or learn on your own from SAT study guides?

We realize private home tutors can be expensive. Especially if you live in Fairfield county area, which is why we have created a website to help education be more affordable. We have managed to gather multiple collections of SAT study guides in the form of exam secrets, flash cards, IPAD based study guide materials, online courses, videos, presentations etc. Studying with combination of these study guides and a tutor can be more effective then studying by yourself, however if budget is an issue and you can’t afford private home tutor then the self-driven study guides is the way to go. To make it easier for you simply scroll through our site and see what study guides we currently selling.


Affordable Pricing and Group Tutoring for SAT students is also available in New Canaan | Bridgeport | Stamford and other areas of CT

Since we are trying to make education more affordable we did manage to include functionality on our site to allow tutors to offer group tutoring. Studying in group can be a great alternative to private tutoring. The way it works is, our tutors create profiles, show that they can offer group tutoring and students simply contacts us and we send our SAT subject matter expert directly to your home, public library or other designated location chosen by the student and subject matter expert is sent out to tutor entire group of students.


      Since we are trying to make education affordable, we do give our subject matter experts flexibility of offering tutoring discount packages in SAT subjects. In another words, the more tutoring sessions you buy the more money you save, hence when selecting your subject matter expert be sure to review their discount packages before contacting us. To contact us to match make you with your tutor simply call us on the number above top right corner or simply send us your inquiry request and we will assist you with either match making you with college admission expert or SAT test prep subject matter expert.

 Both SAT Math + English Tutors may often be needed

     Due to the fact that some tutors specialize in math and some in English, for typical test such as SAT in majority of the cases 2 tutors will be needed. When contacting us please let us know your budget so we can provide high quality match making. We offer out tutoring services in Greenwich, Darien, Westport, Trumbull, New Canaan, Milford, Stratford, Fairfield, Bridgeport and many other nearby areas including Westchester county New York and New Haven county | Fairfield County CT.