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School ratings are one of the students’ performance tools in assessing their academic achievements on some selected subjects which are based on the academic goals and objectives of the government. Higher ratings are understood that the school is attaining its educational goals while lower school ratings may man that these schools need to improve in some areas. The community and the parents are informed about these school ratings to motivate them to help their schools in helping their children understand their lessons and get better grades.


The efforts of the state and the national educators in monitoring the performance of the schools are based on the mandate of the No Child Left behind Act of 2001, also known as NCLB. It also refers to the 2001 Elementary and Secondary Education Act or ESEA where the academic programs are focused on the learning efficiency of the students and are evaluated through some standard examinations given by the government. It intends that students in all schools should gain adequate learning and skills in Language Arts, Reading, and Mathematics by 2014. To do this, the educational system for each state is enhanced and improved their systems and makes sure those local education agencies or LEAs show progress each year. By this law, every state was able to create their school rating.


NAEP or the National Assessment of Educational progress measures the learning of the American students gained from their class instructions. NAEP is the educational program developed by the National Center Statistics or NCES. The results of the NAEP give valuable information on the academic performance of the students in various subjects. It also works as the Nation’s Report Card where it assess selected subjects like mathematics, science, reading, and writing. Other subjects such as History, Geography, Economics, civics, and arts are evaluated every year. The students, school and the parents cooperate and work together in preparing the students for the evaluation time and activities. Usually, parents hire tutors to help their children enhance their knowledge and skills learned from the school instructions.


What is the role of Tutoring Services LLC to the school ratings in Fairfield CT?

Tutoring Services LLC is composed of competent and proficient tutors in Fairfield CT who are committed to help the students/tutees enhance their learning efficiency and get better grades. Apart from helping them in coping with their lessons, our tutors prepare them for any type of examination, including the standardized or assessment exams set by the government. These orts consented efforts from the parents, tutors, and students aim at helping the schools obtain higher school ratings. The results from these ratings will help the parents in choosing where to bring their children for education.


Our tutoring services in Fairfield come in two types: online tutoring and home-based tutoring methods. Online tutoring uses internet connection to interact and perform tutoring with the student/tutee. Home-based tutoring refers to a method where the tutor goes to the home of the student/tutee to do the personalized tutoring. Both methods are personalized and “one-on-one” type of teaching their students/tutees. Our tutors also provide homework help and motivate their tutees to express or ask questions about their lessons.


Aside from tutoring services, we also offer learning tools like Algebra Solver as an additional tool to help students improve their mathematical skills.


The Challenge

With Tutoring Services LLC, you can entrust your children, especially those who need help in improving their academic standing in school with our proficient and friendly tutors in Fairfield CT. You can choose from the tutoring services methods where you believe can help best your children. Tutoring your children is assisting and encouraging them to gain adequate knowledge and learn fundamental skills with confidence for future endeavors.


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In behalf of our experienced and friendly tutors, once again, we welcome you and your children to Tutoring Services LLC where learning is fun and meaningful!


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