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Teaching career is considered as one of the world’s oldest and most stable professions in the world.

This career comes with many challenges but the nobility of the profession never change. The compensation and benefits for the licensed teacher vary from one country to another. There are other forms of teaching jobs for teachers and the most promising is tutoring, which is also highly in demand nowadays.


Teaching profession requires plenty of dedication, commitment, patience, and hard work in assisting the students acquire adequate technical knowledge and basic life skills that they can use to succeed in later life. The bulk of the teacher’s responsibility is to develop an effective lessons plan in accordance to the educational objectives of the government, prepare carefully their instructional materials and activities, checking of papers, and computing grades. The crucial part of their profession is their role in shaping the minds and hearts of these young learners.


To become a licensed teacher, you need to complete a bachelor’s degree and pass several standardized examinations to obtain a teacher’s certification. You can obtain list of requirements from the state’s Department of Education or just simply go online and search for things you need to accomplish to get teaching certificate.


If you are in one of the counties of Connecticut, particularly in Fairfield CT, you also need to pass the state’s requirements for teacher’s certification. The basic requirement is completing a bachelor’s degree, passing mandated examinations to assess your knowledge on your chosen field or subjects, and other requirement that may be required by the state.


The Pre-Professional Skills Test or the PPST evaluates the potential teacher’s basic skills and competency in writing, reading, and mathematics which is conducted to forty states.


The National Board Certification has the task of enhancing ad developing the achievement of the students as a result of the report by the national Research Council. NBCT has the ability to produce quality teachers who help students improve and enhance their school performance. Licensed and certified teachers means better credentials, better job opportunities, and better financial benefits.


For individuals who are interested to teach in schools may now obtain teaching certification. Due to high demand of teachers, the government has developed a program for those who want to teach but do not have bachelor’s degree. The Alternative Certification program is designed to address to the problem of the shortage of teachers nationwide. You can visit your state Department of Education to ask about the procedure and requirements to get teacher certification or you can search online to get the information you want about this program.


If you are a certified and licensed teacher and you are thinking of getting an extra source of income, tutoring is the best option for you. Tutors with teacher certification are preferred by the parents and students.


Tutoring Services LLC is a dynamic team of proficient, competent, and friendly tutors in Fairfield CT. We are inviting certified teachers to join and reap the good benefits of tutoring. We assure you of continuous stream of best student leads and big opportunities of getting tutoring jobs, especially in Fairfield CT, which means better income.


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