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Everybody recognizes vital role teachers play in every individual because they shape the minds and the hearts of every student they teach. A good teacher can inspire and transform lazy students to become responsible learners. Teaching career has better job opportunities, job security, and good income. There may be challenges that come with teacher’s job but there will always be teaching positions available.


Elementary teachers are responsible for forming young learners at an age period when they are most receptive to any learning and gaining basic skills fast. It is the teacher’s job to create learning environment for favorable learning process and growth.


Secondary teachers deal with learners between the ages 11 to 18 years old. They are required to be experts in teaching the fields or subjects they have specialized. They give these learners good opportunities for security, discipline, direction, and sufficient knowledge.


Statistics show that there high demand for teacher jobs in all parts of the country, especially here at Fairfield CT. Because of constant need for teachers, the government developed a system where interested individuals who want to teach in schools can now acquire a teaching certificate after fulfilling some minimum requirements. Just visit your local Department of Education and inquire regarding this alternative certification program. You can also do some research about this teaching program online.


Another form of teaching is tutoring. With Tutoring Services LLC, we offer tutoring services to students that come in the form of home-based tutoring and online tutoring methods. We have competent, proficient, and friendly tutors who are ready to help students improve their academic performance or advance in their knowledge ahead of others. Our tutors also accept individuals who are preparing themselves to take standardized examinations such as GRE, GMAT, SAT, or Praxis.


Tutors are seen as teachers’ partners in helping the students achieve their academic goals, especially those who are struggling in their studies and grades. Similar to teacher jobs, there is also high demand or tutoring jobs in Fairfield CT where there is a continuous stream of clients who want to be helped in their academics.


Another benefit you can get from tutoring is the flexibility of time. This can be a part time job and you can accept tutoring job when you are available.


The Challenge

Are you a teacher who wants to take some part time job as tutors in Fairfield CT? Are you a college student who has the passion and skills to teach children? Then, we are inviting you to join our dynamic team of competent and experienced tutors.


Tutoring Services LLC is also committed to protect our clients and tutors in Fairfield by conducting interviews and background check to them. We assure our tutors of continuous flow of student leads.


Feel free to tour around our website to know more about our services. Contact us now and be part of our dynamic tutoring team. Send us your email through or you can call us through the phone number located at the upper right side of our web page.

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