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Welcome to Tutoring Services LLC!

Teaching and tutoring bring job security to those who are in these careers because these positions are highly in demand worldwide. There will always be teaching positions available and continuous good student leads for tutoring. Aside from paper works and actual teaching, the vital role of teachers and tutors are recognized because they are shaping the minds and hearts of the young learners.


Teachers are tasked to adhere to a standardized curriculum and are expected to meet the academic objectives within a standard time frame. They spend time and effort in preparing for their instructional tools and activities that will motivate their students acquire adequate knowledge and basic skills they will need later in life.


Tutors reinforce what the students have learned from classroom instructions. Generally, tutors are hired to help students improve their grades and help them understand their lessons.


Tutoring Services LLC is composed of proficient and friendly tutors in Fairfield CT who perform tutoring services to students who are struggling with their studies and students who want to gain more knowledge to get ahead of other students in school.


Our competent tutors offer tutoring services where clients can choose from two methods: online tutoring and home-based tutoring. Online tutoring uses internet connection and computer unit with its basic accessories like headphones and webcams for the tutorial sessions. Home-based tutoring allows the tutors to go to the homes of their students/tutees for the tutoring services.


Teachers and tutors are partners in helping the learners develop into responsible, self-reliant, and confident individuals with adequate knowledge and functional skills with positive attitude that they need later in life.


Tutoring Services LLC are inviting teachers and tutors to join our team who are committed to make a difference in academic world. We need teachers and tutors who are committed and hard working and have the passion to teach children and teens.


You will be assured of continuous student leads which means a stable source of extra income. For safe tutoring for both clients and tutors, we will conduct interviews and background check.


And help us defray the cost of maintaining the smooth flow of the system, we will be asking for a small percentage or portion from your tutoring income.


Contact us today by sending us an email via or by calling us through the phone number that can see at the upper right side of our web page.