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The Fairfield tutoring rates may vary dependent on the experience and academic qualifications of the tutor. It's also possible to have a price reduction, some of our tutors offer packages, which can help you save the costs. Our lesson rates vary based upon the student ratings, referrals, qualifications, academic degrees, and teaching experience of each tutor, which is why we ensure that you have the most qualified tutor for your son or daughter.


Although the Fairfield hourly rates for our most experienced tutors may seem high, they compare favorably with other tutors of equal experience and qualifications. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the first hourly session, please notify us so we can reimburse your session. So what are you waiting, why not try it now and invest in your child's future today, call our Fairfield tutoring specialist to schedule your first session.


Note some of the sessions may last longer then an hour dependent on the student needs. It's higly beneficial to have at least 1.5 hours session to gain a full benefit from the tutoring.  For list of approximate tutoring hourly rates around Fairfield County area and Westchester County area click here to view rates.

Note rates are approximiate, during pre-screen interview with the tutor is when final rate is confirmed hence do not take hourly rate forgranted as it is, it's better if you call us and let us know what your budget is, since this way we can actually tell you if your budget is possible to accomodate with existing tutoring prices in Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT or not.   Note if you do not find tutor within your price range that doesn't mean we can not help you find one.  Hence it's always better to call our agency to help you find one within your budget.


On the budget?

Additionally some parents simply may not have enough money for a local tutor in a first place, this is why sometimes online tutor is better option, that is another reason why you want to call us and tell us your budget, simply because we can work within your budget, however if your budget is non-realistic then we refer you to another one of our sister sites, where you can find a tutor on your own without agency's involvement, however parents typically do that as the last resort, since working with tutoring agency can be cheaper in some cases then indepenent tutor. 

Let us help you save money

Plus our agency recommends customized learning plans for select subjects, which may provide even better alternative from price perspective, perhaps you do not even need to pay for a tutor, perhaps there is a way to do using self guided method, or use combination of multiple methods to get the most learning effectiviness for your son or daughter or for your self.  Plus in case where we do see budget reasonable we help such students recruit tutors within their custom match.  We have entire system dedicated to that.  In fact system is so strong if you find any other company offer lower hourly rate then we do,  contact us and we will beat it, or we will tell you that it's unrealistic. 

Either or you have nothing to lose by calling us and talking to the specialist. or of course alternativel you can browse this site by subject see which tutor you like then contact us or the tutor, either or works for us.  However we want to reiterate is if you do not see the proper rate that is within your budget, let us know. 

We have multiple business partners and variety of methods to keep educational affordability low.  Company was founded by Certified Teacher for the State of CT and not some hungry corporation out there to get your money.  We value your business, however if your budget is non-reasonable, we have the right to refuse service to anyone and in fact chose to only work with few parents and individuals, to preserve quality of our services.  Hence if you do want tutoring services and then contact us, because we are the best in the whole Fairfield County CT or Westchester County NY or New Haven County CT.